Paul Mampilly–Investors News 2018

In 2018, investing has become ever more complex unless you have some insider knowledge. Paul Mampilly has made a mint while working on Wall Street and he has dedicated his time and energy to educating investors. He gives you information that can save you time and money. Below Mampilly has made some predictions in regards to some well know companies and cryptocurrencies.

Apple Stock Predictions:

According to Mampilly, Apple’s business model has created a situation that allowed Google to carve out a significant market share. They haven’t created an innovated product since the iPod and they predicted loyalty would keep customers. google has been slowly gaining a significant market share by improving their existing product, Alexa. For these reasons, Paul anticipates Apple’s stock price to fall in the near future. Savy investor would be wise to diversify technology stocks in 2018.

Blockchain Decentralize Economy:

Mampilly educates newbies with his information on blockchain industry which was well written. It provided the investor with something to think about. Investors can’t be so short-sighted with regards to innovations. consequently, Blockchain has a major flaw by which it uses a tremendous amount of energy. Paul urges investors to think about renewable sources of energy to invest with.

Renewable Natural Energy Projections:

The energy needs of our world will only grow with future generations. A wise investor will strongly consider a portion of their portfolio to include renewable energy.

Cryptocurrencies Doom and Gloom:

Bitcoin has increased by greater than 1000% over the last few years, and he warns of a bubble that will burst. for years, Mampilly has witnessed bubbles in other financial industries. He can’t understand the growth of Bitcoin so he cautions investors with cryptocurrency to proceed with extreme care as to avoid disaster.

Paul Mampilly has studied business administration and worked in various positions in leading banks. He worked tirelessly in wall Street which left him wanting more. He strives to help everyday folks succeed at investing. He journals a newsletter which provides invaluable advice to investors. Mampilly is senior editor of Banyan Hill Publishing that delivers predictions and market analysis. He advises investors on things such Bitcoin, Apple and Blockchain if investors should continue to invest.

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MB2 Dental Bands Together to Help Out Hurricane Victims

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas last year and caused an unprecedented amount of damage, certain organizations and companies have stepped in to help the victims of the hurricane. One of those companies is MB2 Dental, which is based in Texas. MB2 Dental set out with the amazing goal of raising one hundred thousand dollars. They have already reached a large portion of that goal, as they have collected eighty three thousand dollars. Besides collecting money for the victims of the Hurricane, the people at MB2 Dental have also been collecting supplies, clothing, and food. They have been distributing these to people who lost their possessions during the hurricane, and more information click here.

In addition, MB2 Dental has made it a priority to help out those who need medical help. MB2 Dental was there after the hurricane to provide emergency treatment for their patients and others. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the head of MB2 Dental. He said that after seeing the pictures of the devastation in Texas, he knew that he had to do something. He knew that from that point on, his number one priority was to make sure that his employees in Texas were safe and that the people who were victims of the hurricane were safe. MB2 Dental had around two hundred employees who were affected by the Hurricane, and MB2 Dental’s Website.

It was true teamwork. MB2 Dental’s eighty seven affiliates from around the country all worked together in order to ensure that the victims of Hurricane Harvey were taken care of. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva said that every business will have ups and downs. What defines MB2 Dental is how they are always prepared in times of need to help out their employees, their patients, and anyone else in need of help.

Hurricane Harvey truly was a disaster. It was a category four hurricane, and it was the largest hurricane to hit Texas in half a century. At the same time, it poured twenty trillion gallons of water across Texas, which caused massive floods and water damage. MB2 Dental’s employees all survived the storm safely, but many suffered tremendous damage to their homes and possessions. However, they were fortunate enough to have the backing of MB2 Dental, which banded together in order to help them out. MB2 Dental will continue accepting donations on GoFundMe until they have reached their goal of $100,000.

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Is There a Difference Between Wainscoting and Bead Board?  

Looking for some wainscoting decoration ideas? Do the terms wainscoting and bead board sound confusing? It’s natural! After all, they belong to the same wall décor family. They are both wall panels used for ages.

IMG 1Actually, the history of wall paneling goes back many decades. When homes were still made of stone, people used wood panels to enhance inner warmth. Later on, these same panels were used for the protection of walls. And here is where the meaning of chair rails is explained. It served as the upper board of wainscots to protect the wall from the chairs.

These days, paneling is an interior design trick to cover drywall imperfections or enhance the looks of a room. And we kind of use both wainscoting and bead board interchangeably. So it’s natural to get confused. Our job here is to shed some light on their differences (if any).

What is wainscoting?

Wall panel wainscoting is made of wood, plastic, and other materials. It is used to cover the entire or part of the wall as an interior design idea or wall protection. The first paneling style dating back to the early 18th century covered the wall from floor to ceiling. Such wainscots still exist today and are called raised panels. Later on, the wainscoting style changed. It occupied about 1/3 of the wall and had a baseboard at its lowest part and the chair rail at the upper end. Most common wainscots are tongue-and-groove boards although there are whole sheets and different techniques to install them.

IMG 2What’s special about wainscoting?

The special thing about modern wainscoting is that there are different types of paneling, including:

Flat panel wainscoting, which is the simplest type of paneling. Regardless of their height/size, they have a clean cut line with baseboards, chair rails, and stiles. Raised panels usually range between 30 to 40 inches. The baseboard might be constructed by different moldings. Its main characteristic is the beveled edge which often starts about 5” over the floor. Beaded raised panels resemble the raised panels but have a smaller beveled edge and the panel is more detailed.

Beaded recessed panels resemble the flat panels but they have a beaded edge. Recessed panels are like the beaded recessed ones but without the special edges.

IMG 3The shaker panels are like the flat panels but they are narrower and much taller. Overlay panels are like their raised counterparts with the difference that they have a distinct design style with a board right in the middle. As you can see there are many wainscoting types and bead boards are one of them as well. So let’s see what makes this type distinguishable.


What’s so special about bead boards?

A beadboard panel brings a cottage style interior design look to your house. Its distinctive feature is the vertical beaded lines. They are still tongue-and-groove boards and the most popular widths of the boards are 2 ½ ” and 1 5/8 ”. They can be installed with baseboard and chair rails and although they commonly cover 1/3 of the wall, you can also cover half or the entire wall.

It’s hard to imagine it now, but once upon a time bead boards were installed piece by piece. Today, they are sold either as individual boards or whole sheets. Some interior designers have abandoned the vertical striped paneling and started installing them horizontally to give a whole new perspective to home walls.

IMG 4So where do these observations lead us? Are there no differences between beaded panel boards and wainscoting? The fact is that bead boards are wainscotings. If we assume that wainscoting is wall paneling, bead boards are one type of wainscots. Just like flat, raised, and other types of wainscotings, bead boards have their distinctive features and very unique looks. And that’s their main difference. Other than that, there is nothing to be confused about. It’s only about choosing the right wainscoting decoration ideas and styles to accent your home walls. And if you like the striped panels, bead boards are for you!

All About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi has made an incredible name from himself. He has worked hard to be one of the best prostate surgeons. His goal is to remain compassionate while helping men, ranging in age, have a successful prostate cancer treatment. To this day Dr. David Samadi has successfully executed over 7,000 robotic prostate surgeries. He is now a lead prostate surgeon in New York.

In his early years as a young boy, the Iranian Revolution was taking place. This mishap forced Samadi to leave the place he was born. At the peaking age of only 15, the tragedy taking place was a paramount part of his growth. He ended up in Roslyn, New York where he finished high school. He earned his college degree in biochemistry at the University of New York on a full ride scholarship.

Dr. David Samadi has quite the impressive resume. His work experience includes but is not limited to:

• Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic [June 2014-present]
• Contributor for Fox News Health [January 2011-present]
• Fox News Contributor [August 2009-present]
• Fox News medical consultant [June 2009-present]
• Chief of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center [January 2011-June 2013]
• Director of Laparoscopic surgery at the Columbia Presbyterian in New York [July 2002-May 2007]

• Volunteer at the emergency room in Stoney Brook Hospital [July 1990-July 1994]

Along with his work experiences, he also made consecutive publications. Mann About Town released in July of 2012, and Decisional Regret After Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy is Higher in African American Men released the following year in 2013. Dr. Samadi speaks four languages including: Hebrew, French, English, and Persian.

Dr. Samadi notes in a recent article that it is not fully understood what the cause of most cancers. He elaborates on how our exposure to carcinogens play a role, and how everyone has complete control over their everyday lifestyle habits to reduce some known risks. Approximately 20% of all cancer diagnosed in the United States is the result of excessive alcohol consumption, very poor nutrition, and body fatness. He reintroduces that there is no way to avoid cancers in their entirety, but there are active steps to refrain from a bigger risk. He says to pay attention to your body, and continue to beat the odds of remaining cancer free.

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Frontera Fund and its Great Revolutions

(DACA) is facing difficulties after a significant number of GOP Members teamed up together to rebel their operations. The individuals involved are calling against DACA hosting immigrant children, who lack any legal documents in the United States as they claim that the organization`s activities are posing a danger to the citizens of the country. Ken Paxton is among the significant attorneys involved in the rebellion, and he recently wrote to the president of the United States Donald Trump, urging him to take action against the organization. He terms the operations as illegal and unworthy and wants the head of state to abolish it.

The renowned attorney General of Texas claims that he will take legal action against DACA if the president does not acclaim their jurisdictions. The announcement made by the secretary of homeland security John Kelly is the most devastating among all the claims and has posted a significant threat to DACA. John claims that the organization is in danger and the vast number of legal cases facing the firm is the primary reasons why he raised his concerns. Besides, the one governor and nine attorneys that signed in agreement with the letter, also pose a significant danger to the DACA organization. The motive of the group is to help young and hopeless immigrants acquire better lives in the country through offering them an opportunity to improve their living as long as they receive driving licenses as well as in-state tuition fees.

Though significant concerns have been raised by many attorneys across various parts in the country, the DACA program is still operating with the hope of improving the economy of the country. DACA program has been running for an extended period and has seen many colleges, as well as universities, acquire income from the tuition fees that the immigrants pay. Besides, the jobs that the individuals obtain are a significant form of improving the economy of the country as they can now earn a higher income and instead pay higher taxes. Most of the programs have always targeted to improve the living standards of the individuals through helping them acquire jobs, cars and good education.

Besides, DACA has always been concerned about coming to the aid of people who flee from countries that are affected by violence, abuse, and sexual orientation. The program targets to bring equality among all its members and shine a light on them at their darkest hour.

The Frontera Fund is also a great organization founded by Michael and Lacey, with the aim of advocating for the freedom of speech, civil rights to all individual’s as well as equal treatment of everyone. The firm was established through the considerable amount of compensation that Larkin and Lacey acquired from a Texas law court for wrong acquisitions and has grown tremendously over the past years to address the various issues that people face.


Fabletics: What Customers Trust

It’s extremely important that a company develops a level of trust with its customers. In particular, these days, consumers won’t buy anything from a company with a bad reputation. In the past, all a company needed to succeed was a combination of fair prices and good quality goods or services.

Modern consumers look for more than prices and quality. For a brief moment, it was the company’s responsibility to develop that trusting relationship. A recent shift in consumer behavior placed that responsibility on the power of the crowd. Now, crowd-sourced reviews develop those trusting relationships. A recent study found that over 80 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Another advantage of this review-centric marketing strategy is that smaller companies can compete with dominating powerhouses. Fabletics, one of the world’s most popular activewear brands, didn’t start out as a worldwide phenomenon. Launched in 2013, Fabletic’s grown into a $250 million brand in less than four years.

While there are a lot of contributing factors to the company’s success, many of the executives thank crowd-sourced reviews for its success. Fabletics is a brand founded on direct interaction with its members, to create better fashion lines that members will actually want to buy.

One of the biggest contributors to Fabletics is its co-founder, Kate Hudson. Since being approached by TechStyle executives, Hudson’s been a part of Fabletic’s everyday activities. She even works on the sales end of the company. Though her opinions are valued in all departments, she mostly works with the design teams.

It’s always been important to her that Fabletics go the extra mile and makes all women feel wanted. She wanted to create an affordable, high-quality line that inspires women to embrace a healthier lifestyle at their own pace. That dream was recently realized when Fabletics announced it would be expanding into plus sizes.

Behind every line Fabletics creates is the mission that Kate Hudson finds herself fighting to complete: getting women to a healthier place. She often talks about how Fabletics isn’t about fashion; it’s about America’s struggle with fitness and health.

Fabletics goes out of its way to make its members feel special. Recently, Fabletics created a lifestyle quiz that allows nonmembers to see what stylish products Fabletic’s personalize shoppers would recommend for them.

The Benefits Of Life Line Preventive Screening Services

Life Line Screening is a private health institution based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 1993 by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips in Florida, United States. Since its inception, Life Line has continued to expand its operations to several other locations in the US and the UK. Today, Life Line Screening is the largest provider of community-based health screening services to the majority of adults across the US.

Life Line offers a variety of preventive health screening services. These services are aimed at detecting hidden health problems in our bodies before they become a serious health issue. In the modern world, people live a hectic life and therefore lack time for conducting exercises or cooking healthy food. We, therefore, pose a big health challenge to our bodies. Also, as we get old, our bodies are at higher risk of getting chronic diseases such as stroke and cardiovascular diseases. With the increased health hazards, it is therefore essential that we conduct screening services so that physicians may be in a position of taking preventive measures early enough once they detect any health threat in our bodies.


Life Line Screening services are administered by highly qualified personnel using the state of art facilities which quickly identify any ailment in our bodies at the earliest stage possible.The screening services are less painful, and they do not require a lot of blood sample to detect any ailment.Life Line Screening conducts three primary preventive screening services which include:

Ultrasound screenings
Ultrasound screening also referred to as sonography is a screening technique that makes use of high-frequency sound waves to map the body structure. Ultrasound is commonly used to detect or monitor medical conditions such as cardiology and obstetrics. The process is painless.

Finger stick screenings
This screening service is conducted by collecting a few drops of blood from the soft pad of the finger. The apparatus used to perform this service are lab accurate, FDA-approved, and used throughout the country by major hospitals. Blood screening service is conducted to establish risk factors for heart and diabetes.

Limited electrocardiograph
This screening test is carried out to detect irregular heartbeat. Irregular heartbeat is a heart condition that potentially increases the risk of getting stroke. Life Line EKG electrode screening service is quick and requires no preparation neither removal of clothes.

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Jason Hope Quest for Anti- Aging solutions

With aging comes along diseases which are relative to metabolism rate. Jason Hope, a scientist from Arizona, believes that researchers should consider towards preventing age-related diseases rather than spending time on trying curing them. He challenges people in the science community to come up with anti-aging remedies instead of putting all the money towards research of diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Jason hope, an entrepreneur, has invested a considerable sum in his practice, SENS, developed with the aim of coming up with anti-aging solutions. Jason is the type of man who walks the talk, as at 2010 he invested half a million in SENS to establish a Cambridge SENS laboratory. The funding has not stopped there as he continues chipping in as much as he can.

Jason Hope has a belief that his research work will help change the healthcare department. His research findings will be used to advance healthcare and medical technology. With the work carried out at SENS, he has faith that one day; his attempts will bear fruits and help treat diseases such as Parkinson, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Aside from money, Jason Hope provides the research facility with outreach attempts.

The facility uses rejuvenation technology as the basis for research. Aging is caused by the progressive increase in metabolism which the body cannot contain due to the wear and tear of tissues. SENS is looking for ways to repair the damaged tissues in time before the diseases catch up. SENS has also introduced an age breaker program from the contributions it has received. The program breaks down Advanced Glycation end products of metabolism as they develop in the body. The products are responsible for making the skin less elastic when they accumulate in the blood vessels and the skin. Further research indicates that Glucosepane rather than advanced Glycation end products are responsible for aging of the skin. With more research, they will stumble on a solution in the years to come, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jason Hope comes from Tempe Arizona and attended Arizona state university where he earned a degree in finance. He acquired his second degree in administration from W.P Carey School from the same college. His institute has received contributions from various well-wishers such as; Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., recognized for his research in anti-aging and also the chief science officer at SENS, he also contributed more than $10 million to the cause. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, are too optimistic about the organization’s objectives. Jason Hope has been famed for his expertise in business and charitable activities at his area of residence in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Success Marks the Career of Brian Torchin in the Healthcare Sector

Brian Torchin works at Healthcare Recruiters Counselors, a healthcare staffing solutions firm. As the President of Healthcare Recruiters Counselors, Brian Torchin offers career consultation for job seekers in the healthcare sector.

Torchin has been instrumental in the growth of Healthcare Recruiters Counselors. Clients have often described him as being able to provide comprehensive career consultation to job seekers in the healthcare industry. Besides, he provides a qualified pool of candidates to organizations seeking to recruit new employees.

Over time, Mr. Torchin has built a reputation as a detail-oriented professional with a positive outlook in the business world. Throughout his career, he has followed the mantra of consolidating his relationship with clients. He strives to provide reliable solutions to his employees and customers while considering clients wishes.

Mr. Torchin currently runs offices in Europe, Australia, the United States, and Canada. He works in collaboration with various private practices and urgent care centers to advance the healthcare industry. Read more: Brian Torchin | Vimeo

As hospitals reduce their total cost of care, improve patient satisfaction, and integrate their services with the latest technology, employing physicians of all specialties has become necessary. Staying current with the competitive compensation trends will allow hospitals to attract the talent and services they need to grow.

That will also ensure compensation is appropriate to maximize resource utilization. Since founding Healthcare Recruiters Counselors, Mr. Torchin has remained a team player and has used his consultation acumen to drive the firm’s growth. His mission has been to provide his clients with efficient solutions and to answer any of their questions or fulfill requests.

Despite having a tight schedule, Torchin still finds time to publish health-related articles on the firm’s blog. Each of his posts is based an array of health-related topics such as the top interview questions, hiring a nurse practitioner, and tips for hiring superb employees.

Mr. Torchin strives to ensure all his clients across the world have access to professional healthcare services. Under Torchin’s leadership, Healthcare Recruiters Counselors has grown to the leading full-service consulting and staffing firm in the United States.

Through Healthcare Recruiters Counselors, Brian Torchin ensures that all his clients receive healthcare services from professionals.

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It Sparkles And Shines As Metal

Clad In Gold

There’s a sure way to get your family a bit of gold for the holiday season.

PR Newswire believes that the U.S. Money Reserve is a leader in the bullion trade.

Their specialty is with metals like gold, silver and shiny platinum.

Accurate prices and precious metal weights are only found with the right dealer. It’s true; the U.S. Money Reserve operates as a United State agency. Here’s an agency that sells bullion, bars and coins.

The firm operates in a manner that makes it a mediator for worldwide collectors. Trading or buying bullion is done in an industry that’s often backed by nations and world powers. The gold, silver and platinum of the U.S. Money Reserve will also be backed. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

This means that the agency buys back the items it sells to investors.

Making Your Deposit In Bullion

The bullion distributed by the U.S. Money Reserve acts as many different tools and depending on who the investor is. Some investors hold gold because it acts as a hedge to the inflation society experiences.

Others hold gold because it’s a collectable and can be made into jewelry.

The advantage of bullion shipped to your door is immense. Gold and other precious metals are traded on exchanges in the manner of stocks. When you have the physical bullion of a precious metal, the prices and stock values no longer matter however. The value of your precious metal is based on spot price instead.

Where The U.S. Money Reserve Stands

All bullion sold and owned by the U.S. Reserve earns a special mark of approval. This mark signifies purity and quality rating. The quality of all precious metals is an important factor for traders. Every ounce of metal has a price marked on it, but this price is only retained if the metal you have is pure.

Pure, precious metals are found with the United States Money Reserve. This agency is a secure and trusted leader in the bullion trade. You’ll find gold, silver and platinum items of all kinds, and each transaction online is secure.

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