Browse Month: February 2016

The Queens of Drama featuring Crystal Hunt

Queens of Drama is a reality show about women who like to act “extra” and go overboard with the things that they do. This show features former soap stars who have teamed up to create a production company that specializes in serial programs. This program is featured on the POP network and it stars Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills and Venessa Marcil.
This reality show first aired in April of 2015. The first season had 10 episodes and is expected to air once again in 2016.

The show encourages women to become empowered and to take control of their lives. The former soap stars decide to ban together to create their own television shows. However, many of the ladies in the companies have personality clashes and they sometimes have a hard time getting along. The drama on this show takes place inside of the television studio, the board room and even some of the characters homes. The women not only fight with each other they also get into arguments and shouting matches with their boy toys, lovers and husbands.

Metacritic identifies that Crystal Hunt is one of the leading actresses on the show. She has been involved in soap operas since 2003 and has appeared in films. Hunter is best remembered in her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the Guiding Light. On the show she plays herself and a fictionalized character that is based off personality. Stacy Morasco is Hunt’s alternate character on the program. While she is on the show she shows off her business skills and her creativity. She is a leading character in the business that the woman have formed.

Outside of her role on Queens of Drama, Hunt has been focused on her appearances in motion pictures and attending her personal business which is a pet botique. Hunt has appeared in films such as 23 Blast, Magic Mike XXL and Talbot. Hunt is trying to stay active in the spotlight while fulfilling her personal goals. She is a very busy lady and expects to find more work in 2016. This means that we will definitely be seeing more of Hunt in coming years. Especially when you consider the talent displayed in Crystal’s acting reel on YouTube.

The Queens of Drama has received moderate success by viewers. The show started off with160,000 viewers when it debuted and end up with 177,000 by the season’s end in June of 2015.

Skout Celebrates International Online Friend Day

When you start using Skout, it is incredible how quickly you will make new friends. I never expected this before I tried out the application. I was skeptical at first because I thought it was a dating application, just like all of the rest of those types of applications. However, Skout is so much more than another dating application. Someone can certainly use the Skout platform to find dates and find romantic encounters, but it is by no means just a dating site. Skout is like a crossover over dating sites and social media sites.

It is a new, fresh take on social media where you actually engage with people instead of just liking their photos. People can post their own photos on Skout, and people can like or comment on the photos that users post, but it isn’t just about the photos. It’s a platform that allows users to really engage with one another. The messenger is probably my favorite feature. You can send photos in messenger, too. The photos are blurred out until you decide to click on the photo to view it.

When I first start using Skout, I downloaded the application and set up a profile to make friends. I didn’t want to date anyone online. I have had some great friendships come from meeting people on Skout. Skout recently conducted this survey as part of a tribute to international online friends day. The survey collected information from Skout’s user base about the ways that they view friendship and having online friends. The statistics from this survey are quite interesting, and they might be something to look over if you are deciding whether or not to engage with users on Skout.

The survey results indicated that most people use their mobile phones to communicate with their online friends and the online community. Actually, 92 percent of Americans surveyed prefer using their mobile device over the alternative, a computer. Another interesting statistic from this survey pointed to the fact that 3 out of 4 people have at least one friend online. In fact, another statistic states that 62 percent of people have at least 5 friends online through Skout.  Here’s the article from PR Newswire if you want to read it.