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The Results of Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a world famous hair care line used by many women the world over. Its well-known and successful infomercials popularly depict gorgeous women tossing around even more gorgeous hair made so after using the product. As reported by Bustle, one young hair care user was skeptical and very critical of the infomercials. She doubted that Wen hair care product could actually produce such glamorous results. So she decided to see if the line was as successful as it claimed on the sephora website.

The line has a whole host of different products that are said to work with different kinds of hair. He is hair is fine and thin, so she went with WEN product aimed at that kind of hair. In the end, she was delightfully surprised. While not as unrealistically gorgeous as the hair in the Amazon infomercials, the product actually had a wonderfully positive effect on her hair, giving it an unprecedented moisture, bounce, and shine. You can read the full article and view her results here.



Talk Fusion Continues Rapid Growth

As the world and technology continues to change and improve, there have been significant changes in the telecommunications industry. One company that is leading the way in the changes to telecommunications is Talk Fusion, a telecommunications technology and service provider.

Talk Fusion focuses on providing businesses and other clients with access to state-of-the-art technology in the video communications space. Customers use the products to perform live chats, host live meetings, send video emails and newsletters, and communicate directly one on one while employees are located far away. The company has continued to grow rapidly over the past few years as more and more businesses see the benefits of using video communication technology. The main benefit that many businesses see is a greater improvement in efficiency. As opposed to having employees travel all over the country, wasting time and money, many meetings can now be completed in satellite offices through the video chat features.

A natural-born entrepreneur and marketing expert, Bob Reina is leading technology into the future. He has helped lead the company due to his ability to see emerging trends in the tech space and by providing customers with access to innovative technology, which has helped businesses communicate better and become more efficient.

Beyond his work at Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has over 20 years of marketing and relationship management experience.


Dog food manufacturers have taken another dimension with the new trends that seek to have dogs eating flavored meals. Pet owners are no longer giving their pets any quality of food that is below their eating standards. The pet is to eat like the human owning it or even better. This is a factor that has elevated pet food prices, and companies are now charging a lot for dog foods. These companies now call themselves premium dog food manufacturer companies. They are premium in the sense that they seek to beat human food processing companies regarding quality, taste, and flavor of food. Prices will have to follow quality and flavor, therefore. Pet owners, on the other hand, are not troubled by high prices of buying dog food on walmart. Their primary concern is seen to be on the quality of the food. Companies, therefore, have the challenge of bringing forward the tastiest and the healthiest recipe. Customers want to get the best meals for their pets regardless of the prices.

Purina Beneful is a company that is trying hard to give pet owners what they need. The industry is now customer driven. Many customers are visiting dog food manufacturing companies seeking to be sold certain recipes for their dogs that no one ever heard about before. This has been advantageous to companies like Beneful, who add what customers want to their research to manufacturing innovative food. This company is also among the few firms in the industry who have considered bringing weight control solutions to dogs. The general health of the dog is looked into while manufacturing any food in this company.

Beneful boasts of the best quality control methods ever to exist in the pet food manufacture industry. The impromptu tasting done to the shelved food in Beneful is one way of assuring that the best quality meals get to be eaten by the dog. Refrigeration of dog food is done in Beneful.


Donald Drumpf’s Wikipedia Page

According to recent news, John Oliver has plenty to say about Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. The television host described Donald Trump in some very harsh terms. He also discussed the fact that Trump has a Wikipedia page under his real name. Well, most people know the Trump name. However, it appears his German born grand-father was booted out of Germany for some unsavory act. The grand-father, Friedrich Drumpf, changed the family name to Trump, upon arriving in America. The Drumpf Wikipedia page is packed with more information on the family origins and other interesting facts about the family.

Wikipedia Page Benefits
All kidding aside, Wikipedia is actually a wonderful place to build a business presence or reputation online. The fact is that there are numerous benefits that are associated with placing Wikipedia pages online that are related to a business venture. Certainly, advertising methods have drastically changed over the last decade. At one time, business owners simply optimized their pages and waited for the search engines to discover their site. Today, search engines like Google rule. Most of the top results are Wikipedia pages. Therefore, it makes good marketing sense to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or your brand. Certainly, people place a lot of trust in Wikipedia. Take advantage of Wikipedia pages to build a brand name or improve a personal online reputation.

Get Your Wiki
Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that includes millions of articles. Inclusion on Wikipedia is difficult for first time writers or inexperienced writers. However, Get Your Wiki is a site that consists of professional Wiki experts for hire. They will take all the time and frustration out of composing articles for Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki will write articles for the small business owner, individuals, to large corporations. Their Wikipedia writers have the experience and knowledge to write on a wide variety of topics.

Why hire Wiki writers from a Wikipedia editing service? Well, the writers are very familiar with the Wikipedia writing style and their very strict guidelines. They follow correct formatting guidelines and understand their important reference rules. In addition, the Get Your Wiki writers add additional benefits. For example, the writers create, edit, update, and monitor all the article that are created for the client. In addition, they guarantee that all the articles that are submitted to Wikipedia are instantly approved.

Securus Installs 84,000 Communication Devices in Prisons

Part of the duty of the criminal justice system is to punish inmates for their crimes against society. The other part is for society to try to rehabilitate inmates. A company called Securus Technologies is doing just that. They are installing communication devices that do much more than help with outbound inmate phone calls. They have installed 80,000 telephones which are used by inmates. This allows the inmate a basic form of communication with the outside world. This I believe is a basic right for any inmate. The intelligent inmate communication devices that inmates are allowed to use today expand upon that basic right.

These intelligent devices include sophisticated tablets, video visitation kiosks, and phones referred to as “S-Phones.” All of these devices that are open for inmates to use today have a high degree of security that go along with their use. All that needs to occur to use this technology is download the app to your phone and connect the device to the video software. If you have any difficulty connecting the two, contact customer service reps at Securus. These devices can be used to help inmates find jobs. I believe that there needs to be more effort made in this regard and Securus Technologies is making this possible. The overall security of the prison can be enhanced through the use of these devices. This in the long run could prove to make society safer.

Educational opportunities are made available to the inmates through the use of these devices. They can keep in touch with their friends and families through the use of video visits using the video visitation kiosks. If the inmate should want to file a grievance with the prison the patented intelligent devices make it easier for the inmate to do so. Law libraries can become more accessible to help out the inmates when it comes to defending themselves in court. Ordering commissary and helping with religious activities can be helped with these devices. To help to relieve the stress that can build up behind bars these devices can also be used for entertainment purposes.

Prison should not only be about punishment. These people also need to be rehabilitated and the efforts currently being made by the company Securus Technologies Inc, is helping to make this possible. As a consequence they are helping society out as a whole. And isn’t this what we want as a society?

Learn more about the company by visiting this link >>

Doe Deere breaks the boundaries of style

“Rules are meant to be broken,” is an expression that just about all of us are familiar with; some even make that a guiding principle in life. For fashionista Doe Deere, she holds this cliche to be especially true when it comes to the conventional rules of style and make-up. In fact, Doe Deere prides herself on breaking the rules and boundaries of fashion.

In a recent interview with Bustle she challenges seven rules of fashion that many of us have been told, or admonished, at some point in our lives. From “Dress your age,” to “Don’t wear too many colors,” Doe Deere argues why these old-fashioned guidelines should be kicked to the curb. And she’s got stunning, eye-catching pictures as proof to back up her points.

She shows how bold lip color and eye make-up really can be paired. She also explains how you can opt for colorful clothes and accessories even if you have unnaturally colored hair. Whether one wants to mix-patterns or wear socks with open-toed shoes, Doe Deere explains how we can defy the conventions, yet still look in-style and put-together while doing it. Doe Deere even shows us how clothes that we have always deemed to be worn only at certain events can be changed around and accessorized for an occasion that’s completely different.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the Lime Crime cosmetic line located in New York City. The beautiful, Russian-native created her beauty brand in 2008. Those who like to wear make-up that is colorful, bold and unique can purchase it directly from her site at . LimeCrime cosmetics also have been and continue to be cruelty-free to animals. Vegans and animal-enthusiasts will be happy to know that Doe Deere has also donated thousands of dollars from her sales towards the cause of helping and rescuing animals.

A clear message that resonates throughout this article along with many other ones featuring Doe Deere’s fashion advice is to do what makes you happy. She stresses the importance of not letting others define you and to be true to yourself, both in personality and in style.

Some of the most Famous YouTubers Today

There are plenty of famous people who owe their success to YouTube. Here is a presentation of some of those people.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley has his own YouTube channel where he uses his humor to speak out against and to promote various causes. He is a LGBT member and he is also works various programming and shows on minor networks. Oakley might not be a household name but he has appeared on Entertainment News and other programs. He has over 554 million views and millions of subscribers.


Glozell is a famous YouTuber who has been on the channel since 2003. Her Channel is called Glozell Green and it is used to highlight her comedic ability. Glozell is a comedian that has millions of followers. People generally like her personality and her ability to keep them laughing.


No one can leave Pew Die Pie out of a discussion about the most famous YouTubers of all time. This young man has this title all to himself. When a person is able to generate over 4 billion views and has a fan base that is larger than the populations of most countries he is definitely going to be considered the best of all time.

Porta De Fundos

Porta De Fundos is a Brazilian based YouTube channel that has well over 1 million subscribers in less than a year. This comedy program focuses on humor that can be found in everyday life. Porta De Fundos has millions of views for their videos.


Wengie is young, energetic and beautiful. She is also smart, witty and talented. This young Chinese born lady is on her way to becoming a YouTube sensation. Wengie has been making videos for a while and her channels include The Wonderful World of Wengie and Wengie Official. Her videos give young women makeup advice and she also makes funny videos about life.

Wengie is 30-years-old and she is currently engaged to be married. This young woman is a marketing genius and knows how to connect with audiences. She has hundreds of thousands of viewers and is expected to surpass the 1 million mark very soon. People can definitely expect to see more of Wengie in the future.