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What Sports Bettors Should Know About Betting In College Basketball Games

Spread betting is a collective term that encompasses various forms of gambling on outcomes of sport events. However, payoff is based on accuracy of the bet as opposed to a simple win or loss. More specifically, a spread is a group of outcomes and bets are placed on the probability of outcomes below or above the spread. Spread betting has gained a large traction in recent years and significantly contributed to market growth of several countries.

Essential Tips to Follow

Teddy Covers is a household name in the sport betting business. He is a professional sports bettor and commentator for ESPN network. His vast experience has been crucial in the selection of accurate bets that have yielded excellent results. He provides wisdom on how the industry works and tips to follow for best results. However, most listeners fail to comprehend advice provided. As such, they end up losing valuable bets on March Madness odds. The veteran advises novice bettors not to place bets on the first set of lines seen. As such, it is wise to shop for lines available across various sports, bookies and leagues. More importantly, special attention ought to be given to personalization of games and free line movement alerts. Maximization of returns on investment should be the top priority of football bettors. This entails comparing various offers from several bookies before selection is made. He encourages customers to bet with their heads as opposed to their hearts. A conclusive analysis should be made based on current form of potential teams as opposed to their popularity.

Sports bettors should trust their instincts when placing bets. Most people blindly follow professional bettors based on their reputation. Faith should be entrusted on individual perception and not on the minds of other individuals. Such a move is liable to cause negative results based on wrong judgment made by similar bettors. is credited for its role in placing college basketball odds in sporting spreads. Clients should be prepared on final outcomes of games while avoiding blame on other individuals. He advises bettors to accept a 52% winning rate in a single College basketball season. Not only is it achievable but also profitable as well. Goals of hitting 80% in a single season are simply wishful thinking. Smart decisions are the basis of excellent betting techniques. A quick glance on scoreboards reveals several teams with different odds. As such, bettors should wisely select teams based on their previous performance. has been beneficial in provision of bets on Basketball odds to eager fans.

How Securus is keeping ahead of others in the Prison Telecommunication Industry

Securus have proven again that they are the trendsetters when it comes to inmate communication. In a recent press release, the company demonstrated how their video visitation technology could be applied to make life a little better for our friends and family held in various correctional facilities.

Because people are getting busier every day, the transport systems are often congested implying that they may cause delays. As a result, people are increasingly relying on technology to keep up with life. This implies that it is often very hectic for people to travel every time they wish to visit their loved ones in correctional facilities no matter how much they would love to.

Securus video visitation system has been introduced to make sure we can keep in touch with our loved ones despite the challenges that have faced us in the past. Securus Technologies’ video visitation offers inmates a chance to experience the real outside world while they are still serving their time in prison.

The technology saves time that families use to travel to and from correctional facilities and the money spent on transport and parking charges. Video visitation also allows the user to stream live events. Using the technology, the inmates are now able to enjoy things like birthday parties and concerts even if they are still in prison.

Inmates have embraced the technology with most of them saying that it has helped raise their spirits and morale because they can be able to keep up with activities outside the walls of the prison. Inmates can now be able to stream live concerts and parties straight from their jail cells.

Securus has been an outstanding player in the inmates’ communication industry. Their role of providing telecommunication equipment to correctional facilities has helped to improve many inmates’ attitude while in prison and raising discipline among inmates.

Securus Technology offers full communication services to Inmates and their families. These services range from phone calls to emails, jail voice mail, and the video visitation services.

It has been observed that inmates who contact their loved ones regularly are better disciplined and have something to look up to while they are serving their time. Constant communication with friends and family helps to keep many inmates away from gang-related schemes and conflicts. They are also less likely to engage in unruly behaviors that could affect their chances of being released early or getting parole.

The Brexit Vote Will Go Down In History As A Momentous Day For The UK

June 24, 2016, will always be remembered as the day Britain decided to leave the European Union and function as an independent state in Europe once again. Leaving the European Union is a remarkable event and the Royal Mint decided to honor that day by issuing gold and silver coin sets to commemorate this incredible act of economic independence. According to Philip Diehl, the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, the Royal Mint decided to issue a £20 gold coin, and a £5 gold coin, along with silver coins of the same denominations. Mr. Diehl said the Brexit gold coin set is 50 percent sold out, and he expects the price to increase substantially over the coming months because of the gold market.



The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest distributors of rare coins and commemorative coin sets. Diehl told an interviewer that the Brexit coin set is available through the U.S. Money Reserve, but the supply is limited, so collectors should act quickly if they want to purchase the set at what Diehl called a bargain basement price. The reason for Diehl’s enthusiasm stems from his days as director of the U.S. Mint. Diehl was instrumental in producing the 50-state quarter set. The 50-state quarter set was an immediate collector’s item. The price of the set was around $10 when the set first appeared in 1999. The U.S. Treasury Department has made more than $3 billion from the 50-state quarter program from seasoned collectors as well as new collectors. Diehl believes that the Brexit coin set will produce more income for the Royal Treasury because the initial price of the Brexit coin set is much higher.



The Brexit vote is making everyday Brits gold collectors overnight. British citizens are buying gold coins and gold bullion at an unprecedented pace. The gold market is stronger than it has ever been, and Diehl thinks the price of gold will continue to break records. Some financial experts think gold could hit $1,500 an ounce at the end of 2016. If that does happen, the Brexit gold coins will increase in value by at least 10 percent.



The most compelling aspect of owning the Brexit coins is the appreciation factor, but the coins are also collectible because they have the date of the vote on the face. Some British collectors say the Brexit coins are the most attractive coins ever issued by the Royal Mint.

Adam Goldenberg Is At The Top Of His Game

One of the great things about the world we live in today is that anyone can do anything. There are no longer limits or boundaries out there for people. It is all about what the individual wants to do and how they want to do it. No longer are jobs just for men or just for women. If someone has the desire, the talent, and the dedication to do something, they can do it and no one can get in their way. Adam Goldenberg, who co-founded JustFab with his business partner Don Ressler, is living proof of that. He is everything that is great about the American dream.

One thing that helps Adam Goldenberg is his ability to have a keen insight into what is happening around him in all avenues of his life. Nothing gets past him. Goldenberg is very well-read and keeps his finger on the world around him. This allows him to have a business sense that is second to none and it also allows him to stay at the top of his game. When he notices something, he is quick to pounce on it, deliver it, and make it happen. Many companies fail because they are caught napping. That is not the case with Adam Goldenberg.

With JustFab, Goldenberg was able to see that more people were shopping online. Quite frankly, it is much cheaper to shop online and much easier. It is always great when things can be delivered to someone’s door as opposed to having to deal with crowds and high prices. He also noticed that a lot of people were unhappy with what they were finding in stores, and they would oftentimes come home empty handed. That is the thing about Adam Goldenberg: he is a man of the people. Adam Goldenberg stays alert at all times to what the public is saying and even more important than that, he listens to them.

That is how Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg came up with JustFab. It is a monthly subscription service for $39.95 and it appeals to the taste of the individual. A lot of times stores and big chains might think they know what the customer is looking for in terms of goodies and clothing, but in reality, they have no idea. This is for the customer and only the customer on Each and every month for that low price, they can have something great to look forward to in their mail.

The Midas Legacy Equals Happiness

So many people strive for happiness in life and it is truly a shame when they are not able to obtain it or something gets in their way like a bad job, a bad boss, or a bad situation. As the old adage goes, people get only one chance at this thing called life. Because of this, it is supremely important that not a day or a second gets wasted or lost. Clearly, not every day is going to be perfect, but if there are more good days than bad days, that person is doing something right. The Midas Legacy wants a lot more good days than bad for their clients.

With the Midas Legacy, they are all about happiness and they are also about health. This shows the kind of company they are and how they operate and how they are run. Most companies do not care about the health of their clients. They only care if it get sick because then it means they do not get their money. It does not mean they care on any sort of personal level. It is strictly business for them. The Midas Legacy cares about the health and happiness of a customer. It is all over their website and all over the articles that are online about them. That is for a reason.

If someone ever has the chance to work with this consultant firm, they should jump on board and start living a happy life. They have mentors and it does not matter how old someone is or how much they think they know, a mentor is always a good thing to have in someone’s corner. They can help guide them, show them the ropes, and teach them all of the tools of the trade when it comes to their money. They ask personal questions but they also respect if the person does not want to answer them. They know when to step in and when to back off. Since they have so much experience working with the public, they know how to read people and they know what each person needs to be happy on a long-term basis.

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Diehl Appointed Chair of the ICTA

Philip N. Diehl, former director of the US Mint, is currently the president of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the world’s largest distributors of rare coins, currency, and bullion. He was recently named the new chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), an industry group representing businesses that deal in bullion and coins.

The ICTA represents its members and helps maintain good relationships with the government agencies and bodies that regulate the industry. It describes itself as the “watchdog” of the industry.

According to Crunchbase, US Money Reserve is well-known for his role spearheading the ICTA’s effort to amend a 2013 Minnesota statute that affected dealers and customers throughout the country.

Diehl put his experience with legislatures to work. One of the keys to his success at the US Mint was his success in convincing the Congress to exempt the Mint from appropriations and make the Mint a Private Enterprise Fund (PEF). Thanks to Diehl’s leadership and political acumen, the ICTA was able to obtain a change in the law in 2016.

Diehl’s appointment comes as no surprise, given his extensive background. During his tenure at the US Mint, Diehl doubled revenues to 2.5 billion and profits to 1.1 billion, while expanding the Mint’s staff by only five percent.

Moreover, he was responsible for setting up the Mint’s website, which quickly became one of the leading retailers of its day, earning $3 million dollars in revenue weekly.

As the new chairperson of the ICTA, Diehl plans to concentrate on expanding the organization’s membership base and finances, as well as fostering cooperation among the different industry groups that are active in the rare coin, precious metal bullion, and paper currency market.

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