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Traveling Vineyard Proves That Work Can Be Fun

When people think about work, they often think about spending eight long hours in a company and being miserable. The truth is that one does not have to be miserable to make money. One can actually enjoy what they are doing for money. As a matter of fact, when it comes to working for the public, it is important for people to enjoy what they are doing. This is one thing that Traveling Vineyard has understood. This has influenced the type of business opportunity that it offers people. This is one of the reasons that many people start in with excitement and only experience a growth in their excitement as the time goes on.

Traveling Vineyard has a ton of leaders and trainers that are very happy with the work they are doing. Therefore, the workers are given a lot of joy as they are trained on how they can do things. People who join Traveling Vineyard are actually joining one of the greatest earning opportunities. They also get to join a fun occupation where they get to learn about wines. More people will be able to enjoy the type of work as wine guide that they get to do with the company.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Traveling Vineyard is being able to visit the events hosted by the leader that is training. The wine guide will be able to see how the events are run. They will also be able to participate in the event. After all, one of the best ways to learn is through experience. When people get the experience, then they will gain the confidence to run their own events and then build their own team. One of the best things about Traveling Vineyard jobs is that it gives people room to be creative.

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Things That Kill Your Online Reputation

With all of this talk about online reputation and things that could kill it, a lot of people don’t realize that what they are doing has an impact on how others perceive them. There are a few things that business owners do that could actually drive a nail into the coffin of their online reputation management. However, these mistakes are actually pretty common. Fortunately, people could take the time to learn about what they are doing that could turn off potential customers. Then they could take their time to adjust their approach so that they will be able to actually bring in more customers.

One thing that is a turn off to many people is pushiness. This is in fact the number one turn off to customers. Those that are thinking about a pushy approach may have to think about a time when they have dealt with a pushy business person or salesman. One thing that they did not like is the arm twisting and the apparent inability to take no for an answer. When they think about how it made them feel, they might want to adjust their approach so that customers will feel more comfortable with doing business with them.

Another thing that businesses do which kill their business is ignore customer complaints. This is bad in a multitude of ways. This allows the complaint to fester and cause people to walk away from the business. A better idea would be to engage with people and take the time to figure out what aspect of business that could be improved upon.

When it comes to the type of content that can actually win customers, the best approach would be to engage customers in conversations they are having. With enough customer engagement, people will be interested in what one has to offer on his platform and take the time to look at all of the products and services that are being offered.

Alexandre Gama, the King of Latin Advertisement

Maybe you have never heard of Alexandre Gama, or Neogama for that matter.

Alexandre Gama is only one of the most influential Latin American entrepreneurs.

He started as a Creative and Copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather back in 1982, and he worked with the company for 8 years. In 1990 he moved on to DM9 as a Copywriter and Creative Director where he stayed 4 years, where he had magnificent results and was awarded Copywriter of his Generation in Brazil.

In 1999 he left Gama left Young & Rubicam which he worked for only 3 years, and started his own company. Neogama!

Mr. Gama had total success’s with Neogama winning countless prizes and awards, and probably one of his most memorable ones was when Neogama began its functionality. He won the Lion at the Cannes Festival in its first year of existence, a premiere for a Brazilian agency.

In the second millennium, Neogama has not disappointed and has won award after award in 2006, 2007, 2013 and recently in 2015.

Maybe the next when we think of advertisements we will think of Negoama more often.

Source:   As 50 maiores agências de publicidade do Brasil, pelo Ibope



Entertainment- Norman Pattiz

Podcastone is one of the largest American advertisement agencies. The Founder and Executive Chairman of the company Norman Pattiz recently announced the launch of their latest program Beyond The Darkness. The show is the newest one In Chris Jericho’s Podcast network. The show is all about an informative and pleasurable conversation which involves prominent academics and experiencers.

The guests and the host in the show will be discussing the ghost, monsters, angels, demons, mysteries, aliens, and miracles. The show will have the most exciting and entertaining host; Tin Dennis who is a radio host and radio producer together with his co-host Dave Schrader who is a radio presenter and an author.

Norman Pattiz said that they settled on broadcasting the show on Chris Jericho’s network because he has set himself apart as a part of the Podcast community. The Executive Director of Podcastone mentioned that they were sure that Chris would go beyond WWE when he began his Jericho’s collection, and they were sure he would take Beyond the Darkness to higher heights.

Chris Jericho was more than happy to add Beyond the Darkness in his network. Mr. Jericho also said that he was pleased to be working with the two presenters because he was sure they would attract more fans as they maintain their fan base.

Chris also believes that Beyond the Darkness will be a massive show and will expand with time. The show which will be released every Monday will be available on Podcastone app, and iTunes.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz is the founder Podcastone network. Norman is also the founder of Westwood one which became one of the largest radio network and presenter of news, entertainment, and sports news in America. Mr. Norman Pattiz is passionate about the media especially the entertainment sector. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

After the creation of Westwood One, he went ahead and established Court Side Entertainment Group before the establishment of Podcastone network. He has been leading the largest entertainment group in the United States with the production of new shows that take the world by storm.

Norman Pattiz is experienced in the entertainment and media industry. In 2000 the then President of the United States Bill Clinton appointed him to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States, and later in 2002, he was re-appointed by former President George Bush.

His broadcasting skills offered him another opportunity to serve as the Regent of the University of California, and the Chairman of Lawrence Livermore, and Los Alamos National Securities Laboratories.

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Securus Technologies Wins at 11th Annual Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers for criminal justice and civil technology services for public safety, corrections, monitoring and investigation facilities. The company recently announced that it has received the Gold Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Training. The event was held on February 24 in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. Over 650 business executives attended the event.

The Stevie Awards is in its 11th year and is one of the top honors for companies and professionals in business development and customer service. The awards also recognize sales professionals and contact centers. The Stevie Award organizes many of the leading business award programs around the world, including the International Business Award and the American Business Award.

There are over 75 members involved in the award selection process for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards. Final judging took place in February shortly before the awards.

Danny de Hoyos, the senior vice president of operations for Securus, stated that it was an honor to receive the Stevie Award. He also shares that Securus has made significant strides to maintain great customer service.

The Securus training team was recognized for displaying empathy to customers and resolving customer issues during the first call. de Hoyos says that employee training is definitely paying off, and that Securus is continually working to meet the needs of consumers in a professional and friendly manner.

Bruno Fagali: Hiring An Experienced Lawyer In Brazil

Are you looking for a good lawyer in Brazil? At some point in your business, you may have a need for legal services or advice of an attorney. In Brazil alone, there are a large number of attorneys whose services you can benefit from. But before you decide which law firm or attorney to choose, you’ll need to do your homework first.

Seek a lawyer with experience and high reputation in the industry. While it is essential to have a lawyer that is trustworthy, it is also crucial that the lawyer is well experienced in the type of case you are dealing with. For example, if you are facing a divorce issue, you should hire a divorce lawyer or family attorney.

For estate planning issue, you’ll need to get a lawyer who is well versed in drafting wills. A trial attorney is required if the case involves a criminal offense. General law practitioners can handle non-complex matters, such as basic real estate transactions.

When it comes to regulatory or administrative law issues, you need the expertise of a lawyer like Bruno Fagali – a highly rated Brazilian attorney.

Bruno Fagali is experienced, reputable and has a lot of respect in the legal community. Bruno Fagali has advised and guided numerous clients for years and comes highly recommended due to his superior performance. Bruno Fagali’s track record in the field has earn high recognition in Brazil and around the globe.


Bruno Fagali is well educated, and has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law. His specialty is administrative law, and he is good at it. He also practices regulatory law, urban law, electoral law and compliance. Bruno Fagali takes the time to evaluate, and understand his clients’ legal issue and implements a powerful strategy to resolve the matter.

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George Soros Desires To Make A Positive Change Within The World

A man from Hungary, who traveled to America the potential of achieving a better life, Mr. George Soros, in due course became known around the world as a kind philanthropist and truly savvy industry financier. Mr. Soros ran from the Nazi invasion during his teenage years in the 1940s. He managed to make it to London, studying lessons in economics, working day and night to learn all that he could from the venerated University for Economics. He eventually earned his bachelor’s. This difficult accomplishment, Persuaded George to go further with his academic pursuits, eventually earning his Master’s, in the powerful field of Philosophy. Read more at The New York Times about George.

After George got his Master’s in 1952, he used his knowledge to benefit Singer & Friedlander, an esteemed brokerage company in London.

While he was enrolled at the school, his philosophy courses taught him that society can only come to know true advancements if they are free and hold a deep respect for their fellow citizens. This fascinating depth of philosophical understanding deeply funded Mr. Soros, with the necessary desires to make a name for himself, inside of the extremely difficult undertaking of becoming a venture capitalist at Singer & Friedlander. Learn more about his profile at

He is accepted worldwide by all who know him, as an innovative investor. He is highly respected for his net worth, which goes well beyond $25 billion. This amazing depth of true wealth, has earned Mr. Soros, a respectful placement into the top 30, richest individuals on the planet.

Within four years of earning his degree, George Soros took part in a sailing expedition to reach the US, specially wanting to reach New York, in 1956. A few short years later in 1961 he earned his American citizenship. George took on numerous positions within Wall Street enterprises, and within the span of 10 years had formed his own hedge fund company, the Soros Fund. Nearly 10 years after this, George developed the Open Society Foundation, a company that he uses to give out several billions of dollars to charity work. His company’s stated objective is to help support education, put an end to social injustices, and to assist with the public’s need for health care, to mention a few of their goals. Part of George’s goal of assisting health care, is combating against the war on drugs. George knows that the war is a lie to make the desperate imprisoned as punishment for their desire to access marijuana. George realizes that people who are sick are greatly impacted from the use of cannabis, such as seizure disorders. Soros looks upon President Trump, as a completely duplicitous President who has the goal of splitting apart the United States by building a wall.

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