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Buying Gold With U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has launched their new e-commerce website featuring rare gold, silver and platinum coins. The online catalog takes shopping for gold to a new level of customer interaction. With an aim of being very user-friendly, it makes buying gold a pleasant experience.

Product information is detailed, specific, and coupled with outstanding photos so prospective gold buyers can truly appreciate the merchandise proffered. All the upgrades and the significant investment in the new technology reflect their standing as a leader in the precious metals industry.

The company is led by Philip N. Diehl. He’s a distinguished, former U.S. Mint Director and the current President of U.S. Money Reserve. He’s been widely credited with engineering a dramatic turnaround of the U.S. Mint. During his tenure, the Mint increased annual profits and successfully launched the State Quarters program. With his knowledge and expertise, U.S. Money Reserve is well-positioned to continue its strong growth and service. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The new site offers a secure storefront and is very interactive with customers. It’s able to be accessed from all platforms whether customers use a PC, a mobile phone, or a tablet. The site offers live competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion. Bullion bars are also offered on the site. PCGS certified coins are available and other exclusive products for experienced buyers.

There is a strong educational component to the new upgrade. Buying gold can now be learned by beginners with basic information detailing the terms and definitions of minting and grading. The Knowledge Center is where all of this is accessed. Customers can also register for a free informational packet about gold. The Full Headline Gold News Room relays all of the latest information on the precious metals market.

A very useful feature is the Client-Connect Advantage, which assists customers with various aspects of gold purchasing. Here clients can access one-on-one consultations and also take advantage of special offline offers. They can also get assistance for their purchases if necessary, and secure offline transactions are available too.

U.S. Money Reserve stands by their products with one of the strongest return policies in the industry. A full refund is available within 30 days at current market values. The offer stands for certified coin purchases. Another premium feature is their industry-standard fast shipping which is insured.

With their founding in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the biggest distributors of US government issued currency and legal tender. They also deal in foreign products as well. Their coin research team has extensive experience and scours the marketplace for the highest quality products. U.S. Money Reserve makes buying gold an exciting prospect.

Tim Armour Believes Having Different Views Can Fuel Better Investment Strategies

To stay at the top of the game, every entrepreneur is expected always think outside the box. Sometimes great minds may differ in opinion but that makes it possible for them to come up with greater and more brilliant ideas. Having been in the investment and financial business for thirty three years, Timothy Armour commands respect and a voice to his clients. His experience has made him one of the greatest and most sought after investment advisors in the world.


Currently, Tim Armour is the CEO at Capital Investment Group. He assumed the role after his successor Jim Rothenberg passed on. The shareholders at Capital had great expectations from him, which he has been able to accomplish. As the chairman, he has pushed the company to great success in achieving their goals and objectives.


Tim Armour holds strongly to the belief that investors should not only focus on the passive and active methods but also on making sure that they focus on getting more returns by ensuring that they cut costs. His belief is quite contrary to what Warren Buffet points, however, the two make strong cases to support their individual views and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour began his career 34 years ago at Capital Group. He began his career by participating in the company’s Associate program, a program that intended to train new entrants. His ambition, unique way of thinking and character was identified, moulded and encouraged to now the company’s strongest assets.


Tim Armour encourages investors and business people to develop different ways of thinking so as to stand out in the market. Having been in the industry for this long, Tim offers his clients a string opinion and advice as he knows what is there to know in regards to making investment decisions. His way of thinking has propelled Capital Group to be named one of the largest investment companies in the world with assets worth trillions and more information click here.


He attributes his success to his experiences at the company and also to his degree in Economics, obtained from Middlebury College. Tim has dedicated his career to his company and his clients who, he beliefs deserve the best advice and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

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Omar Yunes Is the 2016 Winner of the Best Entrepreneur in the World

It is definitely not an easy task to receive the renowned title of the best entrepreneur in the world, and it might surprise people all around the globe that the award went to a Mexican named Omar Yunes. The prize was given in 2016, and many businesspeople around the world, in more than twenty countries participating, were chosen, but the man received the first spot.

So, what did Omar Yunes do so right?

Since he was 21, Mr. Yunes has dedicated his career to the Japanese food, a market that someone might argue isn’t that much reliable regarding growing a business from the ground. He founded and became the owner of the successful Japanese restaurant Sushi Itto. However, Omar Yunes was able to find his niche and beat every other competitor in the Japanese restaurant field, making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs to dominate a department all by himself. After a couple of years, the man already had thirteen units of his first restaurant spread across the Mexican country, which was even more incredible for the small period that it took.

According to the entrepreneur and japanese food specialist, although the award was directed to him, it should have mentioned each one of the 400 employees that have helped his brand become what it is today, and, without them, it wouldn’t have been possible. Humbleness aside, he admits that the business was an absolute success, and reveals some of his secrets to the media.
Innovate and don’t listen to those who tell you that it won’t happen – they only see the outside, the final product, not the amount of dedication and thoughtfulness that you put into your project. Never surrender your dreams, said the successful businessman.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, stated that the prize is a true manifestation of all the struggles and dedication of the entire staff of the brand, and all the team is extremely honored not only of receiving the highest rating but also, of working with a guy like Omar Yunes.
When asked if he would eventually transport his brand to other places around the world, Omar Yunes only smiled and stated that his intentions are definitely optimistic.

George Soros Once Again Becomes Relevant In Politics

The Hungarian born hedge fund manager George Soros has spent much of the last decade sitting out the majority of political elections as he began to feel, at the end of the 2004 Presidential election, that the influence major financial donors like him were able to wield over parties across the U.S. The political landscape of the 2008 and 2012 elections cycles saw Soros largely sit out and watch from the sidelines as the ideological agenda pursued by President Barrack Obama did not complete an agenda the Hungarian born financial expert believed was as far to the left as he had hoped; Politico reports George Soros had provided around $27 million in funding for the campaign of Democrat John Kerry during the 2004 election cycle and had only recently made his return to political donations during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Read more at The New York Times about George.

One of the major reasons the work of George Soros during 2016 had become so important during the 2016 election cycle was because of the parallels that have been drawn between the two elections as the former refugee believed international security was at stake with both elections. George Soros believed the Iraq War under President George W. Bush was the first stop on the road to a right wing government that has been completed with the arrival of President Donald J. Trump in The White House; the Trump Administration has led to a growing level of concern from Soros about the opportunities offered for a growing military presence in the 21st century across the world that is at the heart of the problems of the world in many different areas. As a Holocaust survivor the problems of the world in terms of human rights have always remained important and led to his decision to establish the Open Society Foundations in the mid 1980s to aid in the completion of a new era of charitable giving. Know more on about George Soros.

The Washington Times reports the work of the Open Society Foundations has become an important factor in the daily lives of many minority groups in the U.S. that have been of great importance to the activism community. The Black Lives Matter movement has seen a major growth in the number of George Soros funded groups joining its ranks; beginning life as a social media hash tag, Black Lives Matter now sees Open Society Foundations funded groups in its ranks that receive more than $33 million per year from the George Soros established network each year. The success of this George Soros developed network was on show during the Ferguson protests in Missouri of 2014 when Open Society Foundations funded groups played a key role in organizing protests and publicizing the protests within the media and across Online platforms.

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The Inventive Thinking Of Doe Deere And Her Creation Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. She relocated to the United States when she was 17, spent most of her time in New York City and currently resides in Los Angeles. She considers herself ambitious and imaginative and dreamed big when she was a child. She wanted to come to New York and become a musician.

Doe Deere did become a musician and that’s how she learned about marketing. She eventually ended up in the cosmetics field but her first business was as a child in Russia. When she was thirteen she sold temporary tattoos and popularized them by wearing them herself. The novelty item sold well to her classmates.

Doe believes everyone has a special quality and skill that is theirs alone. She feels a person must trust their own uniqueness before they can begin to blossom and fulfill their true potential. One of her favorite sayings is to explore where your love is leading. Growing up she felt like she was alone in the way she thought but later learned she was an important part of the universe. She realized there were other people in the world who felt strongly about the same things she did. This thought process was the beginning of Lime Crime.

Doe met her husband while pursuing music. They were in the same band and learned how to work together at the beginning of their relationship. They were both writing songs and promoting the band and this taught them how to work incredibly well as a team.

Doe Deere has always been drawn to unique and bright colors. In 2008 the cosmetics industry were still immersed in the natural look and the bright colors could not be found. That’s when Doe decided if she could not find them she would make them herself. She was amazed at how many girls were interested in the same vibrant colors she was and this made her company profitable.

Doe likes the image cosmetics give her and hopes the women who purchase Lime Crime feel the exact same way. Cosmetics give her the ability to express herself without being judged. Doe’s background gravitates towards fashion and when she attended FIT in New York her major was fashion design. Doe believes fashion and cosmetics go hand in hand and that one form of expression is what we choose to decorate out bodies with and how we style our hair.

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