72-year-old Survives Being Buried Away for 13 Days After 7.8 Earthquake

After a giant earthquake in Ecuador, a 72-year-old man was buried alive under a huge pile of rubble. 13 days later, he was finally pulled out, luckily still alive.

In a corportaion wiki report, Manuel Vasquez was discovered by rescuers in a collapsed building in, Jaramijó, a fishing town.
They were sent to inspect the building when they heard sounds coming from inside. They went in and found Vasquez trapped between walls.
He went almost two weeks without food or water. After arriving at the hospital he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, dehydration, and urinary tract problems. He also lost several toes and has necrosis in both ankles, as well as being confused. He is to stay at the hospital.
The guys that rescued Vasquez were from the Fuerza de Tarea Humanitaria Simón Bolívar. Including them was a girl named Norka. Days after the quake search teams presumed the last of the survivors had been found, making this recuse, a miracle.
The earthquake in Ecuador on 16 April killed over 650 people, with tens of thousands injured and dozens missing. It was recorded as 7.8 magnitude.
There have been more than 700 aftershock since the big quake, causing panic and additional damage. Tremors are expected to go on for a few weeks.
Survivors are receiving food, water, medicine, local and foreign government aid; however, poor road way conditions delayed arrival of aid to some communities. Damage is estimated at $2 billion to $3 billion.

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  • Keneth Kay

    August 25, 2016

    Does that mean that he is to stay at the hospital for a long time. Well, that is so easy anyways. This should be doen on time and essay on time.com will make sure that comes to pass.

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