Aloha Construction Inc. Announces Launch of New Branch

Aloha Construction Inc. CEO, David A, Farbaky, recently announced that the company plans to launch a new branch whose focus will be on kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels, interior restoration, water extraction, and cleanup and restoration after natural disasters. Northern Illinois has had a particularly rough season with storms, high wind and hail destroying several properties in many areas in the region. This announcement is great news for the residents of Illinois as it means they can now get high-quality remodeling and restoration services from some of the best professionals in the construction industry. The company recently revamped its website to enable it to serve its clients better, and is doing everything in its power to ensure they receive nothing but the best when it comes to construction services.


About Aloha Construction Inc.


Aloha Construction Inc. is a leading construction company headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It was founded in 2008 and currently provides its high-quality services to homeowners throughout Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Some of the services it offers include design and construction, backsplash installation, attic, basement, bathroom and bedroom remodeling, basement waterproofing and deck construction among others.


The company started out as a small construction company but it has grown tremendously in less than a decade and has completed well over 20,000 projects to date. Its success in the industry is mainly attributed to its customer-centric approach to business; all their services are designed with the customer in mind and they always have the customer’s best interest at heart. This has won them the trust of the residents of Illinois and put them way ahead of the other construction companies in the region. Aloha has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.


The new branch of Aloha Construction Inc. will benefit its clients greatly as they will have access to professionals who specialize in remodeling work. Restoring a home back to its original condition after a natural disaster can be a daunting task but with Aloha’s new branch, residents of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin can now leave all the hard work to the qualified professionals at Aloha. The new branch is a true godsend to homeowners in the region.

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