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George Soros On How The EU Decisions and Policy Has Europe In The Balance With Refugees

The recent refugee crisis in Europe on has many to believe this can put all of Europe and more in grave mortal danger. A person who endorses this is the highly respected billionaire George Soros, a voice in humanitarian efforts, politics, investing, and current events. Mr. George Soros believes that Europe can collapse if the proper resources, money, attention, and vigor isn’t applied to the situation sooner rather than later according to his article published by CNBC.

EU Danger of Financial Collapse

The actual cost of this humanitarian aid is going to be significant, no matter how it’s sliced. However, delaying and throwing crumbs at the problem or trickling resources on from the faucet will only make it even more expensive and dangerous in the future. The recent economic growth and value of European currencies and banks in Europe isn’t experiencing it’s most prosperous time at the moment. The refugees from Turkey to Greece and beyond will be more of a burden on the European economy by negligence if a portion of that amount isn’t used deliberately.

Must Help Refugees With Funds Now

The matter is particularly time sensitive and should be dealt with in the moment. Many are too familiar with the seemingly grinding halt and snail/turtle speed of many issues handled by various governments reaching a census and politicians with diverse ideologies and political parties. This issue isn’t one to debate over years or toss minimum emergency dollars at every year until a grand resolution is passed, and that will likely be too little to late. A robust and well funded campaign to properly finance something as major as transitioning asylum seekers must be given priority for the European Union and any entity with an interest for success is the position of George Soros.

What is Needed

There are various specific recommendations made by the billionaire George Soros to help handle the situation.Utilizing the A credit rating of the EU and tapping into several unused government accounts with available funds of billions is suggested by George Soros.

George Soros

George Soros is a very successful investor, financial professional, philanthropist, activist, writer, and respected global guru. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and runs other Foundations. Mr. Soros is a very accomplished business man worth dozens of billions of dollars. He was born in the early 1930’s and embraces democratic ideologies with his expertise and finances.


This international refugee crisis directly impacts the middle east and European regions but have bigger ramifications on a global scale if not handled right. The disaster that could result will not only involve bad treatment, processing, and final destinations of the refugees but could fuel resentment and recruitment for terrorist organizations among refugees and others. George Soros is well respected in matters of finance and international events. He and others recommend the proper amount of money is used to neutralize the situation now rather later to minimize cost, instability, and lost of lives, in the future.

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Boar Bristle Brushes Make Your Hair Grow

Women and girls turn to all sorts of products to make their hair healthy and grow faster. The beauty industry makes billions of dollars a year selling those types of products to the consumers across the world. However, one beauty expert believes that there is a super easy way to make your hair grow for free. All it takes is a boar bristle brush. Beauty experts agree that brushing the hair several times a week with a boar bristle brush should distribute the scalp’s natural oils through the hair and promote a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Does It Really Work
Well, the idea is that regular brushing stimulates the scalp and makes the hair grow faster. Brushing the hair is a good practice. However, dermatologists agree that you shouldn’t expect any major hair growth.  They tend to damage the hair. Certainly, this is the type of sage advice handed out by beauty expert, Wengie.

Women across the globe look to Chinese-Australian beauty Wengie for advice on hair, makeup, and fashion. She is one of the most popular people on YouTube. Wengie has a very interesting background. Wengie was a marketing expert that earned a six figure income. She gave up the high profile job to follow her dream. Her dream was to start her own blog and YouTube channel sharing advice about Asian inspired beauty products with women around the world. Today, Wengie has more than one million subscribers to her YouTube channel. They follow her actively and more people are joining the Wengie channel daily.

Wengie believes that she brings a lot to the table. Certainly, this is the main reason that her YouTube channel is so popular. Wengie suggest that uniqueness is a bit over-rated. She is simply trying to bring the best information to her followers. She also believes in educating and inspiring her followers. Wengie agrees that this probably makes her a bit different from some of the other channels.  Wengie plans to create more educational and inspirational videos for her YouTube channel in the future.

NutriMost Helps With Healthy Weight Loss

NutriMost is a program that addresses an individual’s needs in designing a customized weight loss plan. Since people gain weight for different reasons and in different areas, the best plan is one that looks at that specific person’s circumstances.
NutriMost boasts a successful track record on Fox6Now. People have been known to lose 5 pounds in one week on the program. Along with weight loss, people on the program have resolved other health issues as well. Gene Sheller lost 80 pounds and also no longer has diabetes, sleep apnea or a fatty liver.

The doctors who run NutriMost franchises have their own weight loss successes to talk about. Dr. Mitch Gordon runs NutriMost Connecticut and lost 38 pounds doing the plan. Dr. Rob Vasquez is the owner of NutriMost in San Antonio and lost 60 pounds due to following the program.

Nutrimost works by using advanced technology to analyze a person’s body composition and design a specialized plan. They also have health coaches to encourage and educate people as they go through the program. Losing half a pound a day on the plan is not unusual.

The plan works by using whole foods to help people get healthy as well as lose fat. Dr. Vasquez says eating organic foods is important. He also advises people to make sure to eat plenty of vegetables because they are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals.

The NutriMost program posted on teaches people which foods their bodies respond positively to. Not everyone will handle dairy or wheat well. Other people will be able to shed pounds easily by consuming these foods.

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

White Shark Media is Handling Complaints and Improving

No business starts out perfect or, really, ever arrives at perfection.

That’s an axiom businesspeople understand, because problems are always happening. As soon as one is solved, another pops up. What’s most important is to learn from those problems. If you caused the problem, learn how to both solve the problem and prevent it in the first place. If you didn’t cause it, figure out how to solve it, and then figure out how to prevent the same situation from arising in the future.

Clutch has it that White Shark Media is a search engine marketing firm specializing in managing Google AdWords and Bing advertising for small and middle sized companies. This is an important function in the marketplace. Google AdWords has grown into one of the largest sources of paid traffic online. Many companies make a lot of money from using that platform. Bing is not nearly as large, but still has a substantial amount of traffic –

However, Google AdWords is increasingly complicated and expensive. It’s difficult for one person to keep up with the changes. And it’s hard for them to do all the keyword research, write the ads, run the campaigns, eliminate the ones with poor Click Through Rates, and continually test to optimize for profit. Ads and advertisers continually come and go. Costs for keyword bidding keeps going up. Competition comes and goes.

Most businesses cannot afford to pay one person to handle that on a full-time basis, so they pay a firm such as White Shark Media. They have had customer complaints, and have made changes to respond to those.

They have also scheduled monthly phone calls with every client via GoToMeeting. And they changed their office phone system so that every representative has a direct extension. Before, clients couldn’t get hold of their company representative.

Some clients complain their old campaigns worked better than White Shark Media’s. They now say they build on existing campaigns if the current one is performing well. They have supervisors who closely monitor the performance of the SEM Strategists who actually launch the campaigns for customers.

Some clients didn’t want the campaign to run on White Shark Media’s own AdWords account. White Shark now gives clients the option to host the campaign on their own Google account.

White Shark Media will never be perfect, but they are working hard to make changes to serve their clients better.

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Talk Fusion Helps Families Keep In Touch

People who are trying to keep in touch with family have a lot of options, but they need to try something that is going to let everyone see each other easily. That means that they need to get into something that is different than the normal phone calls and emails they use. Talk Fusion is a video chat service that people can use to keep in touch with family even if that family is on the other side of the globe.

It is also possible that people are going to have to take this software with them when they make long trips. Keeping up with the family for a couple days is really important on long trips, and the videos in Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion let everyone see each other easily. There are a lot of people who can take this with them on their computers, and they can pay for the service every month so that they will be able to check in with family just by using Talk Fusion. It sends the video chats right to someone’s inbox, and it helps people get a fast connection.

People who get near a good Internet connection will be able to talk on Talk Fusion for as long as they like, and there are people who can just stop where there is good wifi so that they can use Talk Fusion. Bob Reina created Talk Fusion with its own software so that people could just put it on their computers, and then these people will be able to talk about anything they want with anyone in their distribution list.

Someone who logs onto Talk Fusion today can talk even if they are stuck while traveling. The work gets done, and Talk Fusion is always there. The family can check in while someone is traveling, or they can cross time zones to talk to people who are far away.

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Doe Deere Knows Which Fashion Rules You Don’t Need To Follow

Fashion is all about what works. What works for many people is fashion that helps them be who they are and helps them tell the world what is important to them. The world of fashion often has rules. Savvy fashion lovers have always thought about which rules can be thrown out the window. One such fashion expert is entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is an expert at makeup and one of the world’s most respected fashion business people. Her work in this field has focused on many areas of fashion with a primary emphasis on using makeup in new and innovative ways.

Speaking to Bustle Magazine

The outspoken Ms. Deere recently talked fashion rules with Bustle Magazine. Deere talks to the magazine about the kind of rules that people can break and look right no matter what they’re doing. She urges her fans to experiment with color, light, makeup use and fashion rules to find out what they like. She tells her fans that they can do things like wear socks with sandals or use both a heavy lip and a dramatic eye look at the same time. Her world of fashion is playful and full of life and she wants her fans to embrace this side of themselves.

Her Own Fashion Career

Her own fashion career has been all about being herself and being who she is. She began her career as a fashion guru by reaching out to others to help them find the right kind of fashion for their personalized needs.

The World of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the world’s successful online makeup retailers. Deere started this company to help her fans find wonderful makeup that is made from the best possible ingredients and has vivid colors. She knows that many of her fans love to have makeup that helps them add a splash of amazing color to any look they have in mind. They can get makeup that is right for an evening on the town or just ideal to work for another day at the office when they want to look great. She’s there for them at Lime Crime.

Igor Cornelsen And Investing In Brazil

Now is a good time to invest in Brazil, but you must do your research first. That is the advice of one of Brazil’s most respected and successful investment advisors Igor Cornelsen. And when Igor Cornelsen speaks on Disqus forums about investing in Brazil, smart people listen and make money. It’s been that way for many years. Long before Cornelsen was an investment advisor, he was helping Brazilian banks and other businesses make lots of money. Igor Cornelsen was a top executive in many of Brazil’s most successful businesses in banking and many other industries. He now uses that knowledge, experience, and connections to provide people with accurate and timely investment advice.

Igor Cornelsen is a master when it comes to investing in Brazil. He earned his reputation based on decades of making people that follow his investment advice rich. He has the uncanny ability to guide people away from damaged companies that look good but are about to fail, toward damaged stocks that are on the verge of skyrocketing in value. Using this strategy, he has helped many investors to buy stock that was selling for extremely low prices only to see their value grow exponentially over a few years. Cornelsen’s ability to consistently pick winning stock has made him a legend in Brazil’s investment circles.

There are two rules for investing in Brazil Igor Cornelsen always stresses. One is to invest for the long-term. The other rule is to have a diversified portfolio. The other thing that makes Cornelsen so beloved in investment circles is his willingness to help investors to identify the right companies to invest in and the right time to invest in them. Cornelsen does more than just give general advice to investors. He uses a step by step approach based on exhaustive research and an understanding of the forces which drive the Brazilian stock markets and the companies within them.

Igor Cornelsen is now a fabulously wealthy man. He spends much of his time having fun with his family and playing golf in South Florida. For the past 5 years he has run Bainbridge Investments Inc. But while he continues to make investors that follow his advice rich, he invests mostly for fun.

However, Cornelsen advises investors to be prepared to deal with red tapes, learn about Brazil’s laws dealing with foreign investments, and seek insight on specific companies from the locals. Follow this advice and you too can reap a bountiful harvest.

The Results of Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a world famous hair care line used by many women the world over. Its well-known and successful infomercials popularly depict gorgeous women tossing around even more gorgeous hair made so after using the product. As reported by Bustle, one young hair care user was skeptical and very critical of the infomercials. She doubted that Wen hair care product could actually produce such glamorous results. So she decided to see if the line was as successful as it claimed on the sephora website.

The line has a whole host of different products that are said to work with different kinds of hair. He is hair is fine and thin, so she went with WEN product aimed at that kind of hair. In the end, she was delightfully surprised. While not as unrealistically gorgeous as the hair in the Amazon infomercials, the product actually had a wonderfully positive effect on her hair, giving it an unprecedented moisture, bounce, and shine. You can read the full article and view her results here.



Talk Fusion Continues Rapid Growth

As the world and technology continues to change and improve, there have been significant changes in the telecommunications industry. One company that is leading the way in the changes to telecommunications is Talk Fusion, a telecommunications technology and service provider.

Talk Fusion focuses on providing businesses and other clients with access to state-of-the-art technology in the video communications space. Customers use the products to perform live chats, host live meetings, send video emails and newsletters, and communicate directly one on one while employees are located far away. The company has continued to grow rapidly over the past few years as more and more businesses see the benefits of using video communication technology. The main benefit that many businesses see is a greater improvement in efficiency. As opposed to having employees travel all over the country, wasting time and money, many meetings can now be completed in satellite offices through the video chat features.

A natural-born entrepreneur and marketing expert, Bob Reina is leading technology into the future. He has helped lead the company due to his ability to see emerging trends in the tech space and by providing customers with access to innovative technology, which has helped businesses communicate better and become more efficient.

Beyond his work at Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has over 20 years of marketing and relationship management experience.


Dog food manufacturers have taken another dimension with the new trends that seek to have dogs eating flavored meals. Pet owners are no longer giving their pets any quality of food that is below their eating standards. The pet is to eat like the human owning it or even better. This is a factor that has elevated pet food prices, and companies are now charging a lot for dog foods. These companies now call themselves premium dog food manufacturer companies. They are premium in the sense that they seek to beat human food processing companies regarding quality, taste, and flavor of food. Prices will have to follow quality and flavor, therefore. Pet owners, on the other hand, are not troubled by high prices of buying dog food on walmart. Their primary concern is seen to be on the quality of the food. Companies, therefore, have the challenge of bringing forward the tastiest and the healthiest recipe. Customers want to get the best meals for their pets regardless of the prices.

Purina Beneful is a company that is trying hard to give pet owners what they need. The industry is now customer driven. Many customers are visiting dog food manufacturing companies seeking to be sold certain recipes for their dogs that no one ever heard about before. This has been advantageous to companies like Beneful, who add what customers want to their research to manufacturing innovative food. This company is also among the few firms in the industry who have considered bringing weight control solutions to dogs. The general health of the dog is looked into while manufacturing any food in this company.

Beneful boasts of the best quality control methods ever to exist in the pet food manufacture industry. The impromptu tasting done to the shelved food in Beneful is one way of assuring that the best quality meals get to be eaten by the dog. Refrigeration of dog food is done in Beneful.