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Kabbalah Offers Solace

Kabbalah refers to a set of wisdom that offers practical tools to make the learner happier and more fulfilled. Kabbalah is also useful as it helps people understand life better. Common among the learners are Hollywood celebrities who mostly learn as an influence from Madonna. Madonna not only learned Kabbalah, but she also set up new learning centers where people could also learn the same. Moreover, she invested heavily in material that would help her expand her knowledge on the subject.

Many Hollywood stars have different reasons for joining the practice. Some like Paris Hilton claims that Judaism helps them forget their problems. Other say it eliminates their problems entirely while others claim it makes them feel better about themselves. Some other celebrities like Marylyn Monroe say that she joined Judaism because she was unsatisfied with Christianity. She felt no connection with the religion and preferred the close family life in Judaism, thus the conversion. Marilyn said that she had a difficult upbringing and no wonder she felt no touch with a religion that offered her no comfort. One of the rabbis in the institution says that Marilyn was a wealthy person, but she was so oppressed in her childhood, and her pain was increased by her fame. For Britney Spears, she was introduced by her close friend Madonna, and she read books and meditated on Kaballa often. However, after her breakup with her boyfriend, she renounced all faith and later sought to join Hinduism. However, she says she could pick up Kabbalah on a rainy day and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Learning Center

The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles was started by Philip Berg and Karen Berg. However, they state that the roots of the school date back to 1922 when Yav Yehuda Ashalag passed down the Kabbalah knowledge. Before Shalag, other rabbis never revealed information to other people as they claimed it was for few specific people. However, Yehuda passed it to Brandwein and later to Philip Berg.

Although Philip Berg has been criticized for sharing the knowledge, it is evident to them as a team that the knowledge salvages many people from living empty lives and more information click here.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Growing to Size of Amazon?

To see how far Amazon has grown over the years, all you have to do is look at their dominance in the women’s apparel niche. They are bringing in 20 percent of all the sales in this fashion e-commerce market, while thousands of similar retailers are all fighting for the remaining dollars. Although that is some distance between competitors, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been making up huge ground over the last three years. In that time, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold in excess of $250 million is sales of women’s active-wear and workout clothing.


Let’s take a closer look at this unique athleisure brand, you may be surprised as to how it has grown in popularity over the years. When Hudson is asked to talk about why her brand is so successful, she credits is to two simple sales techniques, membership perks and reverse showrooming. If it were that simple, why isn’t every other retailer in this fashion e-commerce market seeing similar success? To answer that question, we just need to head over to the Fabletics stores in the mall to get the answer.


Inside the Fabletics retail store. women are not being pressured to buy like you see in other clothing shops. At Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, these women are window-shopping, they are trying on every piece of active-wear they can, and they are even taking the lifestyle quiz to help enhance their memberships. To the surprise of her competition, many of the women are leaving the store without buying anything. Here is how the unique combination of membership perks and reverse showrooming pays off for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.


When these same women shoppers hit the Fabletics e-commerce store, then you begin to understand how sales have climbed to $250 million in such a short time. Since these women were trying on the clothing in the mall, those items get uploaded to their online account so they can just keep shopping. So without the concern of ordering and waiting to see if the tank tops or yoga pants fit, these customers are filling their shopping carts with all the active-wear they can find.


The online site has a larger inventory, members get free shipping, they get discounts on active-wear, and they even get help from a personal shopping assistant. These unique perks are just part of the reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been growing faster than any of her competitors could have imagined.

Rocketship Charter School is Blasting Off to Different Locations Throughout America

If you never heard of Rocketship Charter School, well you’re about to be informed. This particular charter school is a ground breaking educational facility based out of Red Wood City, California. The school has been in existence for nearly 10 years. The school was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith.

Rocketship’s primary goal is to serve low-income students who traditionally do not have access to excellent schools. Another goal that Rocketship works hard to achieve is to empower parents, teachers and the community itself by providing a high-quality school that has the ability to change lives.

Rocketship not only serves the children of the Red Wood City community; they also have charter schools located all over the country. Places such as Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington D.C. are other locations where the schools are being implemented.

Speaking of Washington D.C., the nation’s capital is currently building up a new Rocketship charter school that will be serving the members of the Woodland Terrace Housing Projects. This particular community is stricken with poverty and a high incidence of violence. Rocketship charter schools have a tendency to thrive in this type of area.

The residents of Woodland Terrace are really excited about this school. Why? Because they have input into selecting the teaching staff and they will have say in how the school will be operated. This is very important because most parents typically do not have this kind of power when it comes to opening a school. Many of the parents can even walk through the school during the construction process to see how it will turn out from start to finish.

Rocketship charter school’s approach to impoverished children is nothing new. However, their way of doing things really gets people motivated and involved. This charter school really empowers disenfranchised people. Many of them get on board and take a stake in their child’s learning and education. This in turns helps students to perform better while they are in school. Rocketship is currently expanding its operations and it is truly one of the best charter school franchises in the nation.

Rick Smith | Impressive Background and Promising Future with Securus Technologies

Smith’ impressive track record and excellent background were acquired from his experience working in different industries and capacities including finance, information technology, telecommunications, business development, and operations.

Rick Smith is the present Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, a position he assumed in July 2008. Rick Smith was selected to head Securus Technologies because he was the right person for the role. He had the experience, drive, and focus required to lead the company. Today, Securus is a premier services provider to correctional, public safety, and law enforcement agencies in the United States.

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Education Background

Rick Smith holds several academic qualifications and degrees including engineering bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the State University of New York. He also holds a University of Rochester’s Master of Business Administration from its Simon School. Additionally, Smith has an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Between 1972 and 1998, Smith held several top positions at Global Crossing North America Inc. These include Chief Information Officer and controller. He was also the President of the Frontier Information Technologies Company, a vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations, and an Operations Director for the Network Plant.

Smith started working for Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1998 as the Chief Financial Officer. In 2000, Smith was elected the company President and later promoted to the position of CEO. During his tenure, Eschelon Telecom Inc.’s revenue grew from $30 million annually to over $350 million. In 2005, the company successfully issued its IPO.

Smith remained at Eschelon Telecom Inc. until 2007 before leaving the company. The next year, he was hired as Securus Technologies’ next President and Chief Executive Officer. In 2009, he was promoted to the role of company chairman.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides a broad range of security-related services to North American-based agencies dealing with correctional, law enforcement, and public safety. Some of the services that the company offers the corrections community include public information, monitoring, incident management, communications, emergency response, investigation, inmate self-service, and biometric analysis.

When Rick Smith took over the reins of the company, its biggest competitor was Global Tel Link. To counter the competition, Securus developed and rolled-out numerous products and services that received a positive market reception. Today, it boasts of more market products and services than any other close competitor.

Under Smith’s able leadership, Rick Smith Securus has invested a whopping $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies from 2013 to 2016. This has allowed Securus to carve out a significant market niche in the industry. It runs a domestic call center that is manned by Securus Staff and enjoys over 600 percent efficiency compared to its competition. It also boasts of the largest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the globe. Smith is keen to make Securus the Premier corrections’ services provider in the country. Visit for more info.

Legal Issues Handled By Competent Lawyers Like Bruno Fagali

There is nothing that is more frustrating than getting into legal issues when you do not know a qualified lawyer than can represent you in a court of law.

In case you are a Brazilian, and you are looking for someone to help with your legal issues, perhaps you need to start thinking about getting help from competent and skilled attorneys such as Bruno Fagali. Bruno has been practicing law for a long time now, and he understands the way that the Brazilian legal system works. Below are some of the cases where Bruno will be of great help.

First, in case you have a personal injury case, which means that if any harm has come to you and you believe it is the result of the irresponsible and reckless behaviors of another party, Bruno Fagali is the perfect person to contact. He will arrange a meeting with you where he will go through the evidence which you have and help you decide whether you are likely to get an excellent compensation on the case or not. He will also represent you in front of the insurer or other party and negotiate a favorable settlement for you.

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In case you have been involved in a felony, the first thing that Fagali advice is silence until you have spoken to a lawyer. As soon as you make the call to his office, he will organize a meeting and attend your bail hearing. Bruno Fagali believes that it is easier to solve criminal cases when the person is out on bail. He will make sure you get bail.

There are many legal issues related to business that Bruno Fagali can help you resolve. The most important thing is to ensure that you contact him as soon as the problem occurs because he will be in the best position to help then.

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The Fashion Makeover With Manaira Shopping

The main reason that people go to shopping malls is the options in clothing stores. While some people may think that all clothing companies are the same, a closer look will reveal different styles which allow people to find their preference. However, the variety that is available at the mall depends on the mall. Most malls are very limited in what they have to offer customers. However, Roberto Santiago has looked at the limits of the malls and has decided that he wants to expand on what is available at the mall. Eventually, the mall has grown to its current size. Read more about the mall on

There are now a wide variety of stores that offer fashion. To go along with the different stores is the different types of styles that are offered at the mall. People have the conservative styles for the more serious and business minded. For one thing, these types of styles can bring people more respect. Then there are the casual styles that bring forth a more laid back type of feel. However, the variety does not stop there. There are actually even more fun styles that people can look into at Manaira Shopping Mall. Therefore, there is going to be a greater diversity in customers.

One of the best aspects of the stores at the mall is that there is something affordable for all types of people. Therefore, any style is going to be accessible for customers. Even for people that are trying to put together something that is unique and artistic, there are tons of styles that can make it possible. All that is needed is for people to think about what they want. Afterwards, they can take their time and decide how they want to upgrade their wardrobe.

With Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping people get to experience a brand new self. With the new look, people will have a renewed sense of identity. Once they decide on all of the clothes that they want to get, then they will finally have the confidence and sense of accomplishment that normally comes with a makeover. Manaira Shopping is one of the best places to go in order to get the new look. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

Aloha Construction Inc. Announces Launch of New Branch

Aloha Construction Inc. CEO, David A, Farbaky, recently announced that the company plans to launch a new branch whose focus will be on kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels, interior restoration, water extraction, and cleanup and restoration after natural disasters. Northern Illinois has had a particularly rough season with storms, high wind and hail destroying several properties in many areas in the region. This announcement is great news for the residents of Illinois as it means they can now get high-quality remodeling and restoration services from some of the best professionals in the construction industry. The company recently revamped its website to enable it to serve its clients better, and is doing everything in its power to ensure they receive nothing but the best when it comes to construction services.


About Aloha Construction Inc.


Aloha Construction Inc. is a leading construction company headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It was founded in 2008 and currently provides its high-quality services to homeowners throughout Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Some of the services it offers include design and construction, backsplash installation, attic, basement, bathroom and bedroom remodeling, basement waterproofing and deck construction among others.


The company started out as a small construction company but it has grown tremendously in less than a decade and has completed well over 20,000 projects to date. Its success in the industry is mainly attributed to its customer-centric approach to business; all their services are designed with the customer in mind and they always have the customer’s best interest at heart. This has won them the trust of the residents of Illinois and put them way ahead of the other construction companies in the region. Aloha has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.


The new branch of Aloha Construction Inc. will benefit its clients greatly as they will have access to professionals who specialize in remodeling work. Restoring a home back to its original condition after a natural disaster can be a daunting task but with Aloha’s new branch, residents of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin can now leave all the hard work to the qualified professionals at Aloha. The new branch is a true godsend to homeowners in the region.

Lake Zurich


Buying Gold With U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has launched their new e-commerce website featuring rare gold, silver and platinum coins. The online catalog takes shopping for gold to a new level of customer interaction. With an aim of being very user-friendly, it makes buying gold a pleasant experience.

Product information is detailed, specific, and coupled with outstanding photos so prospective gold buyers can truly appreciate the merchandise proffered. All the upgrades and the significant investment in the new technology reflect their standing as a leader in the precious metals industry.

The company is led by Philip N. Diehl. He’s a distinguished, former U.S. Mint Director and the current President of U.S. Money Reserve. He’s been widely credited with engineering a dramatic turnaround of the U.S. Mint. During his tenure, the Mint increased annual profits and successfully launched the State Quarters program. With his knowledge and expertise, U.S. Money Reserve is well-positioned to continue its strong growth and service. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The new site offers a secure storefront and is very interactive with customers. It’s able to be accessed from all platforms whether customers use a PC, a mobile phone, or a tablet. The site offers live competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion. Bullion bars are also offered on the site. PCGS certified coins are available and other exclusive products for experienced buyers.

There is a strong educational component to the new upgrade. Buying gold can now be learned by beginners with basic information detailing the terms and definitions of minting and grading. The Knowledge Center is where all of this is accessed. Customers can also register for a free informational packet about gold. The Full Headline Gold News Room relays all of the latest information on the precious metals market.

A very useful feature is the Client-Connect Advantage, which assists customers with various aspects of gold purchasing. Here clients can access one-on-one consultations and also take advantage of special offline offers. They can also get assistance for their purchases if necessary, and secure offline transactions are available too.

U.S. Money Reserve stands by their products with one of the strongest return policies in the industry. A full refund is available within 30 days at current market values. The offer stands for certified coin purchases. Another premium feature is their industry-standard fast shipping which is insured.

With their founding in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the biggest distributors of US government issued currency and legal tender. They also deal in foreign products as well. Their coin research team has extensive experience and scours the marketplace for the highest quality products. U.S. Money Reserve makes buying gold an exciting prospect.

Tim Armour Believes Having Different Views Can Fuel Better Investment Strategies

To stay at the top of the game, every entrepreneur is expected always think outside the box. Sometimes great minds may differ in opinion but that makes it possible for them to come up with greater and more brilliant ideas. Having been in the investment and financial business for thirty three years, Timothy Armour commands respect and a voice to his clients. His experience has made him one of the greatest and most sought after investment advisors in the world.


Currently, Tim Armour is the CEO at Capital Investment Group. He assumed the role after his successor Jim Rothenberg passed on. The shareholders at Capital had great expectations from him, which he has been able to accomplish. As the chairman, he has pushed the company to great success in achieving their goals and objectives.


Tim Armour holds strongly to the belief that investors should not only focus on the passive and active methods but also on making sure that they focus on getting more returns by ensuring that they cut costs. His belief is quite contrary to what Warren Buffet points, however, the two make strong cases to support their individual views and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour began his career 34 years ago at Capital Group. He began his career by participating in the company’s Associate program, a program that intended to train new entrants. His ambition, unique way of thinking and character was identified, moulded and encouraged to now the company’s strongest assets.


Tim Armour encourages investors and business people to develop different ways of thinking so as to stand out in the market. Having been in the industry for this long, Tim offers his clients a string opinion and advice as he knows what is there to know in regards to making investment decisions. His way of thinking has propelled Capital Group to be named one of the largest investment companies in the world with assets worth trillions and more information click here.


He attributes his success to his experiences at the company and also to his degree in Economics, obtained from Middlebury College. Tim has dedicated his career to his company and his clients who, he beliefs deserve the best advice and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

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Omar Yunes Is the 2016 Winner of the Best Entrepreneur in the World

It is definitely not an easy task to receive the renowned title of the best entrepreneur in the world, and it might surprise people all around the globe that the award went to a Mexican named Omar Yunes. The prize was given in 2016, and many businesspeople around the world, in more than twenty countries participating, were chosen, but the man received the first spot.

So, what did Omar Yunes do so right?

Since he was 21, Mr. Yunes has dedicated his career to the Japanese food, a market that someone might argue isn’t that much reliable regarding growing a business from the ground. He founded and became the owner of the successful Japanese restaurant Sushi Itto. However, Omar Yunes was able to find his niche and beat every other competitor in the Japanese restaurant field, making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs to dominate a department all by himself. After a couple of years, the man already had thirteen units of his first restaurant spread across the Mexican country, which was even more incredible for the small period that it took.

According to the entrepreneur and japanese food specialist, although the award was directed to him, it should have mentioned each one of the 400 employees that have helped his brand become what it is today, and, without them, it wouldn’t have been possible. Humbleness aside, he admits that the business was an absolute success, and reveals some of his secrets to the media.
Innovate and don’t listen to those who tell you that it won’t happen – they only see the outside, the final product, not the amount of dedication and thoughtfulness that you put into your project. Never surrender your dreams, said the successful businessman.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, stated that the prize is a true manifestation of all the struggles and dedication of the entire staff of the brand, and all the team is extremely honored not only of receiving the highest rating but also, of working with a guy like Omar Yunes.
When asked if he would eventually transport his brand to other places around the world, Omar Yunes only smiled and stated that his intentions are definitely optimistic.