Beneful Dog Treats- A Tasty & Healthy Option

All dog owners love to spoil their playful pooches and what better way than with Beneful dog treats? Treats are a great way to reward your puppy for good behavior and also serve as a great way to satisfy hunger between meals. In addition, dog treats have many essential fats which make for a shiny healthy coat, proteins for muscle development, and fiber for improved digestion. Here we will discuss some of the best Beneful treat options, the nutritional value, and where to find great coupons for your fur covered companion.

Beneful has 10 different combinations of dog treats meaning the nutritional value will differ for each package, so we’ll analyze one of their most popular treats, “Break N-Bites Tender Beef”. This scrumptious snack is only 9 kcal a square, with its first ingredient listed as beef, making it a healthier option with the added benefit of a low-calorie count. This treat packs in 13% crude protein, 2% crude fat, 4% fiber, and 28% moisture (water). Other great healthy options are Beneful Healthy Smile Twists and Incredibites Minis Dental for healthy teeth and gums. The Dental Minis are perfectly sized for puppies and are great for establishing dental hygiene early on as well as continued care for adult and senior dogs.

The best place to discover coupons and savings on these treats are straight from the manufacturer’s website: Once you enter the web address in your browser you will be prompted to fill out an email subscription newsletter and will subsequently be mailed great offers and monthly deals straight to your inbox. Two other great online sources for coupons .

So while some may think that treats are just for spoiling dogs, these miniature snacks are just as much healthy and beneficial than many people assume. Armed with this knowledge, next time you won’t have to feel guilty when splurging on your pup.

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