Buying Gold With U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has launched their new e-commerce website featuring rare gold, silver and platinum coins. The online catalog takes shopping for gold to a new level of customer interaction. With an aim of being very user-friendly, it makes buying gold a pleasant experience.

Product information is detailed, specific, and coupled with outstanding photos so prospective gold buyers can truly appreciate the merchandise proffered. All the upgrades and the significant investment in the new technology reflect their standing as a leader in the precious metals industry.

The company is led by Philip N. Diehl. He’s a distinguished, former U.S. Mint Director and the current President of U.S. Money Reserve. He’s been widely credited with engineering a dramatic turnaround of the U.S. Mint. During his tenure, the Mint increased annual profits and successfully launched the State Quarters program. With his knowledge and expertise, U.S. Money Reserve is well-positioned to continue its strong growth and service. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The new site offers a secure storefront and is very interactive with customers. It’s able to be accessed from all platforms whether customers use a PC, a mobile phone, or a tablet. The site offers live competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion. Bullion bars are also offered on the site. PCGS certified coins are available and other exclusive products for experienced buyers.

There is a strong educational component to the new upgrade. Buying gold can now be learned by beginners with basic information detailing the terms and definitions of minting and grading. The Knowledge Center is where all of this is accessed. Customers can also register for a free informational packet about gold. The Full Headline Gold News Room relays all of the latest information on the precious metals market.

A very useful feature is the Client-Connect Advantage, which assists customers with various aspects of gold purchasing. Here clients can access one-on-one consultations and also take advantage of special offline offers. They can also get assistance for their purchases if necessary, and secure offline transactions are available too.

U.S. Money Reserve stands by their products with one of the strongest return policies in the industry. A full refund is available within 30 days at current market values. The offer stands for certified coin purchases. Another premium feature is their industry-standard fast shipping which is insured.

With their founding in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the biggest distributors of US government issued currency and legal tender. They also deal in foreign products as well. Their coin research team has extensive experience and scours the marketplace for the highest quality products. U.S. Money Reserve makes buying gold an exciting prospect.

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