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Boar Bristle Brushes Make Your Hair Grow

Women and girls turn to all sorts of products to make their hair healthy and grow faster. The beauty industry makes billions of dollars a year selling those types of products to the consumers across the world. However, one beauty expert believes that there is a super easy way to make your hair grow for free. All it takes is a boar bristle brush. Beauty experts agree that brushing the hair several times a week with a boar bristle brush should distribute the scalp’s natural oils through the hair and promote a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Does It Really Work
Well, the idea is that regular brushing stimulates the scalp and makes the hair grow faster. Brushing the hair is a good practice. However, dermatologists agree that you shouldn’t expect any major hair growth.  They tend to damage the hair. Certainly, this is the type of sage advice handed out by beauty expert, Wengie.

Women across the globe look to Chinese-Australian beauty Wengie for advice on hair, makeup, and fashion. She is one of the most popular people on YouTube. Wengie has a very interesting background. Wengie was a marketing expert that earned a six figure income. She gave up the high profile job to follow her dream. Her dream was to start her own blog and YouTube channel sharing advice about Asian inspired beauty products with women around the world. Today, Wengie has more than one million subscribers to her YouTube channel. They follow her actively and more people are joining the Wengie channel daily.

Wengie believes that she brings a lot to the table. Certainly, this is the main reason that her YouTube channel is so popular. Wengie suggest that uniqueness is a bit over-rated. She is simply trying to bring the best information to her followers. She also believes in educating and inspiring her followers. Wengie agrees that this probably makes her a bit different from some of the other channels.  Wengie plans to create more educational and inspirational videos for her YouTube channel in the future.

Doe Deere Knows Which Fashion Rules You Don’t Need To Follow

Fashion is all about what works. What works for many people is fashion that helps them be who they are and helps them tell the world what is important to them. The world of fashion often has rules. Savvy fashion lovers have always thought about which rules can be thrown out the window. One such fashion expert is entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is an expert at makeup and one of the world’s most respected fashion business people. Her work in this field has focused on many areas of fashion with a primary emphasis on using makeup in new and innovative ways.

Speaking to Bustle Magazine

The outspoken Ms. Deere recently talked fashion rules with Bustle Magazine. Deere talks to the magazine about the kind of rules that people can break and look right no matter what they’re doing. She urges her fans to experiment with color, light, makeup use and fashion rules to find out what they like. She tells her fans that they can do things like wear socks with sandals or use both a heavy lip and a dramatic eye look at the same time. Her world of fashion is playful and full of life and she wants her fans to embrace this side of themselves.

Her Own Fashion Career

Her own fashion career has been all about being herself and being who she is. She began her career as a fashion guru by reaching out to others to help them find the right kind of fashion for their personalized needs.

The World of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the world’s successful online makeup retailers. Deere started this company to help her fans find wonderful makeup that is made from the best possible ingredients and has vivid colors. She knows that many of her fans love to have makeup that helps them add a splash of amazing color to any look they have in mind. They can get makeup that is right for an evening on the town or just ideal to work for another day at the office when they want to look great. She’s there for them at Lime Crime.

Doe Deere breaks the boundaries of style

“Rules are meant to be broken,” is an expression that just about all of us are familiar with; some even make that a guiding principle in life. For fashionista Doe Deere, she holds this cliche to be especially true when it comes to the conventional rules of style and make-up. In fact, Doe Deere prides herself on breaking the rules and boundaries of fashion.

In a recent interview with Bustle she challenges seven rules of fashion that many of us have been told, or admonished, at some point in our lives. From “Dress your age,” to “Don’t wear too many colors,” Doe Deere argues why these old-fashioned guidelines should be kicked to the curb. And she’s got stunning, eye-catching pictures as proof to back up her points.

She shows how bold lip color and eye make-up really can be paired. She also explains how you can opt for colorful clothes and accessories even if you have unnaturally colored hair. Whether one wants to mix-patterns or wear socks with open-toed shoes, Doe Deere explains how we can defy the conventions, yet still look in-style and put-together while doing it. Doe Deere even shows us how clothes that we have always deemed to be worn only at certain events can be changed around and accessorized for an occasion that’s completely different.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the Lime Crime cosmetic line located in New York City. The beautiful, Russian-native created her beauty brand in 2008. Those who like to wear make-up that is colorful, bold and unique can purchase it directly from her site at . LimeCrime cosmetics also have been and continue to be cruelty-free to animals. Vegans and animal-enthusiasts will be happy to know that Doe Deere has also donated thousands of dollars from her sales towards the cause of helping and rescuing animals.

A clear message that resonates throughout this article along with many other ones featuring Doe Deere’s fashion advice is to do what makes you happy. She stresses the importance of not letting others define you and to be true to yourself, both in personality and in style.

Some of the most Famous YouTubers Today

There are plenty of famous people who owe their success to YouTube. Here is a presentation of some of those people.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley has his own YouTube channel where he uses his humor to speak out against and to promote various causes. He is a LGBT member and he is also works various programming and shows on minor networks. Oakley might not be a household name but he has appeared on Entertainment News and other programs. He has over 554 million views and millions of subscribers.


Glozell is a famous YouTuber who has been on the channel since 2003. Her Channel is called Glozell Green and it is used to highlight her comedic ability. Glozell is a comedian that has millions of followers. People generally like her personality and her ability to keep them laughing.


No one can leave Pew Die Pie out of a discussion about the most famous YouTubers of all time. This young man has this title all to himself. When a person is able to generate over 4 billion views and has a fan base that is larger than the populations of most countries he is definitely going to be considered the best of all time.

Porta De Fundos

Porta De Fundos is a Brazilian based YouTube channel that has well over 1 million subscribers in less than a year. This comedy program focuses on humor that can be found in everyday life. Porta De Fundos has millions of views for their videos.


Wengie is young, energetic and beautiful. She is also smart, witty and talented. This young Chinese born lady is on her way to becoming a YouTube sensation. Wengie has been making videos for a while and her channels include The Wonderful World of Wengie and Wengie Official. Her videos give young women makeup advice and she also makes funny videos about life.

Wengie is 30-years-old and she is currently engaged to be married. This young woman is a marketing genius and knows how to connect with audiences. She has hundreds of thousands of viewers and is expected to surpass the 1 million mark very soon. People can definitely expect to see more of Wengie in the future.