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Jeffry Schneider’s Journey to Ascendant Capital LLC

More and more finance industry leaders are setting up shop in Texas. Cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin seem to be luring professionals with hopes of founding their own companies. Jeffry Schneider is among those professionals. Currently, he’s leading Ascendant Capital, LLC.

The Austin-based boutique enterprise operates in a diverse range of fields. His company specializes in raising funds for established and alternative asset fund sponsors. Ascendant’s expertise deals in marketing, education, sales and operational services, and financial structuring. Within his decades of work history, Schneider amassed a huge network of family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and experienced investment advisors.

With the help of his vast network of associates, Schneider has taken his company global. Ascendant distributes its services to public and private clients all over the world. Since its founding five years ago, Ascendant has become one of the fastest growing companies in Austin.

When Schneider founded the company, he only had two employees. Now, he has more than thirty highly trained professionals working at Ascendant.

With the help of over fifty broker-dealers, 250 investment advisors, and dozens of family offices, Schneider has put his company at the top of the industry. Any opportunity to increase returns, Ascendant will take advantage of the moment. The company has purchased real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies, and many other kinds of companies in the hope of seeing greater returns.

Despite having grown so much in such a short time, Schneider has no plans of slowing down. He continues to push his team to make more deals and grow even larger. He wants his company to outgrow and dominate as much as possible from now till it can’t grow any bigger. Ascendant is expected to raise nearly $50 million a month this year.

With the way the markets sit today, Schneider realized that alternative investments are the best way to diversify his clients’ portfolios without increasing risks. Because of his bold strategy to investment in alternative avenues, his company and its clients and have seen immense success. He expects those investments to continue to grow and accelerate based on its past performance.

The company culture that Schneider has created around Ascendant Capital is largely responsible for the company’s success. The company environment relies heavily on there being an open dialogue and sense of trust between all team members. The same level of transparency Schneider encourages among team members is the same level of transparency he’s created with the public.


The Midas Legacy Equals Happiness

So many people strive for happiness in life and it is truly a shame when they are not able to obtain it or something gets in their way like a bad job, a bad boss, or a bad situation. As the old adage goes, people get only one chance at this thing called life. Because of this, it is supremely important that not a day or a second gets wasted or lost. Clearly, not every day is going to be perfect, but if there are more good days than bad days, that person is doing something right. The Midas Legacy wants a lot more good days than bad for their clients.

With the Midas Legacy, they are all about happiness and they are also about health. This shows the kind of company they are and how they operate and how they are run. Most companies do not care about the health of their clients. They only care if it get sick because then it means they do not get their money. It does not mean they care on any sort of personal level. It is strictly business for them. The Midas Legacy cares about the health and happiness of a customer. It is all over their website and all over the articles that are online about them. That is for a reason.

If someone ever has the chance to work with this consultant firm, they should jump on board and start living a happy life. They have mentors and it does not matter how old someone is or how much they think they know, a mentor is always a good thing to have in someone’s corner. They can help guide them, show them the ropes, and teach them all of the tools of the trade when it comes to their money. They ask personal questions but they also respect if the person does not want to answer them. They know when to step in and when to back off. Since they have so much experience working with the public, they know how to read people and they know what each person needs to be happy on a long-term basis.

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