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Jason Hope Quest for Anti- Aging solutions

With aging comes along diseases which are relative to metabolism rate. Jason Hope, a scientist from Arizona, believes that researchers should consider towards preventing age-related diseases rather than spending time on trying curing them. He challenges people in the science community to come up with anti-aging remedies instead of putting all the money towards research of diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Jason hope, an entrepreneur, has invested a considerable sum in his practice, SENS, developed with the aim of coming up with anti-aging solutions. Jason is the type of man who walks the talk, as at 2010 he invested half a million in SENS to establish a Cambridge SENS laboratory. The funding has not stopped there as he continues chipping in as much as he can.

Jason Hope has a belief that his research work will help change the healthcare department. His research findings will be used to advance healthcare and medical technology. With the work carried out at SENS, he has faith that one day; his attempts will bear fruits and help treat diseases such as Parkinson, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Aside from money, Jason Hope provides the research facility with outreach attempts.

The facility uses rejuvenation technology as the basis for research. Aging is caused by the progressive increase in metabolism which the body cannot contain due to the wear and tear of tissues. SENS is looking for ways to repair the damaged tissues in time before the diseases catch up. SENS has also introduced an age breaker program from the contributions it has received. The program breaks down Advanced Glycation end products of metabolism as they develop in the body. The products are responsible for making the skin less elastic when they accumulate in the blood vessels and the skin. Further research indicates that Glucosepane rather than advanced Glycation end products are responsible for aging of the skin. With more research, they will stumble on a solution in the years to come, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jason Hope comes from Tempe Arizona and attended Arizona state university where he earned a degree in finance. He acquired his second degree in administration from W.P Carey School from the same college. His institute has received contributions from various well-wishers such as; Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., recognized for his research in anti-aging and also the chief science officer at SENS, he also contributed more than $10 million to the cause. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, are too optimistic about the organization’s objectives. Jason Hope has been famed for his expertise in business and charitable activities at his area of residence in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rick Smith | Impressive Background and Promising Future with Securus Technologies

Smith’ impressive track record and excellent background were acquired from his experience working in different industries and capacities including finance, information technology, telecommunications, business development, and operations.

Rick Smith is the present Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, a position he assumed in July 2008. Rick Smith was selected to head Securus Technologies because he was the right person for the role. He had the experience, drive, and focus required to lead the company. Today, Securus is a premier services provider to correctional, public safety, and law enforcement agencies in the United States.

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Education Background

Rick Smith holds several academic qualifications and degrees including engineering bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the State University of New York. He also holds a University of Rochester’s Master of Business Administration from its Simon School. Additionally, Smith has an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Between 1972 and 1998, Smith held several top positions at Global Crossing North America Inc. These include Chief Information Officer and controller. He was also the President of the Frontier Information Technologies Company, a vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations, and an Operations Director for the Network Plant.

Smith started working for Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1998 as the Chief Financial Officer. In 2000, Smith was elected the company President and later promoted to the position of CEO. During his tenure, Eschelon Telecom Inc.’s revenue grew from $30 million annually to over $350 million. In 2005, the company successfully issued its IPO.

Smith remained at Eschelon Telecom Inc. until 2007 before leaving the company. The next year, he was hired as Securus Technologies’ next President and Chief Executive Officer. In 2009, he was promoted to the role of company chairman.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides a broad range of security-related services to North American-based agencies dealing with correctional, law enforcement, and public safety. Some of the services that the company offers the corrections community include public information, monitoring, incident management, communications, emergency response, investigation, inmate self-service, and biometric analysis.

When Rick Smith took over the reins of the company, its biggest competitor was Global Tel Link. To counter the competition, Securus developed and rolled-out numerous products and services that received a positive market reception. Today, it boasts of more market products and services than any other close competitor.

Under Smith’s able leadership, Rick Smith Securus has invested a whopping $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies from 2013 to 2016. This has allowed Securus to carve out a significant market niche in the industry. It runs a domestic call center that is manned by Securus Staff and enjoys over 600 percent efficiency compared to its competition. It also boasts of the largest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the globe. Smith is keen to make Securus the Premier corrections’ services provider in the country. Visit for more info.

Securus Technologies Wins at 11th Annual Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers for criminal justice and civil technology services for public safety, corrections, monitoring and investigation facilities. The company recently announced that it has received the Gold Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Training. The event was held on February 24 in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. Over 650 business executives attended the event.

The Stevie Awards is in its 11th year and is one of the top honors for companies and professionals in business development and customer service. The awards also recognize sales professionals and contact centers. The Stevie Award organizes many of the leading business award programs around the world, including the International Business Award and the American Business Award.

There are over 75 members involved in the award selection process for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards. Final judging took place in February shortly before the awards.

Danny de Hoyos, the senior vice president of operations for Securus, stated that it was an honor to receive the Stevie Award. He also shares that Securus has made significant strides to maintain great customer service.

The Securus training team was recognized for displaying empathy to customers and resolving customer issues during the first call. de Hoyos says that employee training is definitely paying off, and that Securus is continually working to meet the needs of consumers in a professional and friendly manner.

How Securus is keeping ahead of others in the Prison Telecommunication Industry

Securus have proven again that they are the trendsetters when it comes to inmate communication. In a recent press release, the company demonstrated how their video visitation technology could be applied to make life a little better for our friends and family held in various correctional facilities.

Because people are getting busier every day, the transport systems are often congested implying that they may cause delays. As a result, people are increasingly relying on technology to keep up with life. This implies that it is often very hectic for people to travel every time they wish to visit their loved ones in correctional facilities no matter how much they would love to.

Securus video visitation system has been introduced to make sure we can keep in touch with our loved ones despite the challenges that have faced us in the past. Securus Technologies’ video visitation offers inmates a chance to experience the real outside world while they are still serving their time in prison.

The technology saves time that families use to travel to and from correctional facilities and the money spent on transport and parking charges. Video visitation also allows the user to stream live events. Using the technology, the inmates are now able to enjoy things like birthday parties and concerts even if they are still in prison.

Inmates have embraced the technology with most of them saying that it has helped raise their spirits and morale because they can be able to keep up with activities outside the walls of the prison. Inmates can now be able to stream live concerts and parties straight from their jail cells.

Securus has been an outstanding player in the inmates’ communication industry. Their role of providing telecommunication equipment to correctional facilities has helped to improve many inmates’ attitude while in prison and raising discipline among inmates.

Securus Technology offers full communication services to Inmates and their families. These services range from phone calls to emails, jail voice mail, and the video visitation services.

It has been observed that inmates who contact their loved ones regularly are better disciplined and have something to look up to while they are serving their time. Constant communication with friends and family helps to keep many inmates away from gang-related schemes and conflicts. They are also less likely to engage in unruly behaviors that could affect their chances of being released early or getting parole.

Securus Installs 84,000 Communication Devices in Prisons

Part of the duty of the criminal justice system is to punish inmates for their crimes against society. The other part is for society to try to rehabilitate inmates. A company called Securus Technologies is doing just that. They are installing communication devices that do much more than help with outbound inmate phone calls. They have installed 80,000 telephones which are used by inmates. This allows the inmate a basic form of communication with the outside world. This I believe is a basic right for any inmate. The intelligent inmate communication devices that inmates are allowed to use today expand upon that basic right.

These intelligent devices include sophisticated tablets, video visitation kiosks, and phones referred to as “S-Phones.” All of these devices that are open for inmates to use today have a high degree of security that go along with their use. All that needs to occur to use this technology is download the app to your phone and connect the device to the video software. If you have any difficulty connecting the two, contact customer service reps at Securus. These devices can be used to help inmates find jobs. I believe that there needs to be more effort made in this regard and Securus Technologies is making this possible. The overall security of the prison can be enhanced through the use of these devices. This in the long run could prove to make society safer.

Educational opportunities are made available to the inmates through the use of these devices. They can keep in touch with their friends and families through the use of video visits using the video visitation kiosks. If the inmate should want to file a grievance with the prison the patented intelligent devices make it easier for the inmate to do so. Law libraries can become more accessible to help out the inmates when it comes to defending themselves in court. Ordering commissary and helping with religious activities can be helped with these devices. To help to relieve the stress that can build up behind bars these devices can also be used for entertainment purposes.

Prison should not only be about punishment. These people also need to be rehabilitated and the efforts currently being made by the company Securus Technologies Inc, is helping to make this possible. As a consequence they are helping society out as a whole. And isn’t this what we want as a society?

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