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The Flash Mob Orchestrated by Honey Birdette Triggers Hot Debate on Social Media

The CEO and founder of Honey Birdette, a leading lingerie brand, agree that the hotly debated brand is polarizing, but she has discredited criticism of its open support of marriage equality. On August 14, 2017, a team of 60 Honey Birdette workers and models held a peaceful protest on the Sydney CBD’s streets to show their support for marriage equality. The federal government is finalizing preparations for a postal plebiscite on the marriage equality topic and Australians are expected to have received the voting forms in their mailboxes on September 12. The citizens will have a couple of weeks to submit the duly filled voting forms to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with the deadline being exactly 6 pm on November 7, 2017.

On August 12, the Honey Birdette employees and models marched from Pitt Street Mall to the Martin Place. They were carrying placards bearing messages of “#Freethenipple” and “Make Love not Plebiscite.” The event streamed on the official Facebook of the company. Honey Birdette’s clients had an opportunity to share their opinions concerning the event – some commented in its support while others criticized it.

Statements from Eloise Monaghan, the M.D. of Honey Birdette

In an interview with SmartCompany, executive Eloise Monaghan said that the criticisms that the flash mob attracted did not worry her. She added that the action by her workers and models had sparked a good debate about the topic of marriage equality. Monaghan stated that she respects everyone’s opinion, and that is why she did not bother to pull down the critics’ comments. She believes that marriage equality is an essential right that every Australian citizen should enjoy. Therefore, the government should not be conducting a postal vote. According to Monaghan, the flash mob was an opportunity to involve Honey Birdette team and reveal the firm’s stand on the marriage equality topic in the quickest way possible.

Omar Yunes Is the 2016 Winner of the Best Entrepreneur in the World

It is definitely not an easy task to receive the renowned title of the best entrepreneur in the world, and it might surprise people all around the globe that the award went to a Mexican named Omar Yunes. The prize was given in 2016, and many businesspeople around the world, in more than twenty countries participating, were chosen, but the man received the first spot.

So, what did Omar Yunes do so right?

Since he was 21, Mr. Yunes has dedicated his career to the Japanese food, a market that someone might argue isn’t that much reliable regarding growing a business from the ground. He founded and became the owner of the successful Japanese restaurant Sushi Itto. However, Omar Yunes was able to find his niche and beat every other competitor in the Japanese restaurant field, making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs to dominate a department all by himself. After a couple of years, the man already had thirteen units of his first restaurant spread across the Mexican country, which was even more incredible for the small period that it took.

According to the entrepreneur and japanese food specialist, although the award was directed to him, it should have mentioned each one of the 400 employees that have helped his brand become what it is today, and, without them, it wouldn’t have been possible. Humbleness aside, he admits that the business was an absolute success, and reveals some of his secrets to the media.
Innovate and don’t listen to those who tell you that it won’t happen – they only see the outside, the final product, not the amount of dedication and thoughtfulness that you put into your project. Never surrender your dreams, said the successful businessman.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, stated that the prize is a true manifestation of all the struggles and dedication of the entire staff of the brand, and all the team is extremely honored not only of receiving the highest rating but also, of working with a guy like Omar Yunes.
When asked if he would eventually transport his brand to other places around the world, Omar Yunes only smiled and stated that his intentions are definitely optimistic.

What Is NuoDB And How Does It Work

NuoDB is a DBMS, short for database management system. It is designed for cloud applications, and the system is SQL-oriented. The NuoDB has similar characteristics of regular SQL databases, but it is different because it can be used in cloud applications.

With NuoDB, the database will be scaled out when a new server is added to it, and this results in the database running faster. It’s also worth mentioning that sharding doesn’t occur with NuoDB when it starts scaling out databases. Multiple processors are used, which prevent bottlenecks of data from occurring. Furthermore, the technology is ACID compliant.

The company NuoBD Inc. products and markets the technology. The company originally released it in 2013 and Jim Starkey was the original lead architect. Prior to helping create the SQL cloud database, he was founded a few other database companies and he retired from the NuoDB Inc. back in 2012.

Now you know more about this technology and how it works.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teamed Up

Last February, Cancer Treatment Centers of America teamed up with Nantes Health and All Scripts to execute quick reaction strengthen inside every office and consider better streams of clinical data. The new game plan offers its unsurprising mix of enhanced work flow and a fast interface framework joined with numerous oncologist information records throughout the U.S. It likewise spreads the data with more observable speed.

Clinical Pathways is the new program, and it offers distinctive treatments in addition to differentiating alternatives to wipe out potential mystery and routinely enhance the surge of information and research all around. This new framework was made to join, as of late, the greatest treatment regimens that may help the recovery process through various care customs with inspiration driving consideration.

As stated on Wikipedia, all Scripts and Cancer Treatment Centers of America members also made more treatment regimens and examinations between treatment choices available. Computer order entry turns on with a tap of the screen and is both timely and efficient. Furthermore, advancing accommodation and supporting clinical information always come as a resolute unit when referencing cutting edge standards, responses and even reaction rates.

Treatment regimens are mapped with EHR to restrictive request tests and reflect integrative ways to deal with overseen development of care. More unmistakable straightforwardness around choice is offered as is remarkable help with redesigning quality and feasibility through reducing thought instability. The integrative stage engages patients and clinical staff to get together and exchange information in the meantime. More than 2,000 proof-based treatment regimens now exist to cover diseases and proportionate illnesses.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America or CTCA is organized in Boca Raton, Fla. CTCA joins genomic testing with accurate detection technology through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. CTCA sees the most patients out of its Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Okla., and Atlanta bases.

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New Capital CEO Partners With Samsung Asset Management

In 2015, Tim Armour was elected the chairman of the Capital Group to replace the late Jim Rothenberg who died at the age of 69 from a sudden heart attack while he was on vacation with his family. Janet Yang, who is a CFA at Morning Star Financial Services, agrees with the Capital Group and thinks Tim Armour is the perfect person to replace Jim Rothenberg. She believes Armour is a good visionary who can tell what the needs and demands of the business world not only need at the moment but will need in the future. He was 54 years old and was serving as chairman of the company’s management committee when he was informed of Rothenberg’s death.

Timothy Armour has been with Capital Group for 33 years, unlike many company leaders who have worked in plenty of different companies before chairing a company. He started working for Capital Group as a part of The Associates Program. From there, he worked his way up the ladder to chairman and CEO in 2015.

Armour earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College, located in Middlebury, Vermont. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

As Director and Principal Executive Office at Capital Research and Management Company who serves as an Equity Portfolio Manager, Timothy Armour advises investors that they need to find active managers who want to earn their keep. He cites as an example, Blockbusters Movie Rental Company. At the time Blockbusters’ stock value was worth $5 million, Netflix online movie and television video rentals were beginning to take public notice. The only thing the two companies had in common was they rented movies. Because of the popularity of online rentals, Blockbusters went bankrupt in 2011, and Netflix’s stock soared to $45 billion. When Netflix arrived in 1997, Blockbusters didn’t bother checking out this new video rental company and apply winning strategies. By the time Blockbusters noticed, it became too late and their attempt at online video rentals failed.

Not long after Tim Armour took over as CEO of Capital Group, he began working on a deal with Samsung Asset Management in Korea to become a partnership. The partnership wanted to create better investment strategies for retail investors. This partnership is supposed to help investors have better retirement solutions. A spokesperson for Samsung Assets believes its partnership will make Samsung one of Asia’s top three management companies by 2020.

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Doe Deere Is Big On Cosmetics

Doe Deere
The cosmetic industry is filled with big names that continuously put out more and more items for women to purchase to use to make themselves look better. In the world today, women spend a lot of money on cosmetics. They use them to be more attractive to the opposite sex, or to advance in their employment options. For whatever reason they use them for, the cosmetics industry continues to thrive, and there is big money exchanging hands in it every day.

Cosmetics And Their Types

There are all different kinds of cosmetics, but they ordinarily are for certain areas of the face. They consist of face, eye and lip makeup. Most women have a collection of all of these items. They use cosmetic cases to carry these items with them in their purse or suitcase when they are going out, and they have a selection in their bathrooms or bedrooms for use at their homes. Many women have duplicate items so they never run out of their cosmetics when they need them. Some men also wear makeup, and this is a personal choice on their part.

Doe Deere Cosmetics

Doe Deere has created a unique line of cosmetics that she wants women to know about. It is different than other types of lines because of her ingenious methods of why it is great to look beautiful. She has created all kinds of cosmetics that are unique to the field, and many women are looking to her for further inspiration on what they can do to make themselves look even better. They join her email community, and they get her newsletter to stay up-to-date on her latest creations. They want to know what she has thought of in her latest endeavors to give women more options in their cosmetics usage.

All Natural Ingredients

With the line of cosmetics that Doe Deere created, she uses all natural ingredients in order to cut down on allergies, etc. Her cosmetics are made specially, and they work well for many women who have tried them. They avoid the other dangers that are present in so many other lines of cosmetics because they irritate the skin, eyes and lips. With Doe Deere’s cosmetics, women can be assured that they won’t have reactions to the ingredients that are present in the items. They can feel comfortable wearing them on a daily basis, which is why she created her line. She wants women to be able to look beautiful without suffering from infections and other issues that can cause problems with irritations that present themselves with contaminated ingredients.

Using cosmetics will continue will into the future, and many women look forward to new and exciting products that they can purchase in order to become more beautiful. Taking the time to look into the different products that are available in the marketplace is a good idea for many women. They can decide what will work for them and their situation so they are always able to look and feel their best.

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