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Doe Deere’s Success With Lime Crime

Lime Crime creator and CEO Doe Deere has made her dreams come true and would like to prove that anyone can accomplish their goals. Deere created her make-up brand as an alternative to conventional cosmetic products. Instead of the plain, subtle colors that most cosmetic brands offer, Doe Deere decided to promote vibrant colors that are either bold, shimmery, or wet looking. Her lime crime cosmetic line has been very successful and continues to draw people who are daring and independent.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to the United States at 17 years of age. She previously started out in New York from 1998 to 2012 and now lives in Los Angeles. She always dreamed big, even as a child. She initially started out as a musician in New York City. Her musical experience taught her about marketing and building relationships with fans.

The advice Doe Deere gives to her clients is to follow their hearts and unlock their unique talents and skills. Deere feels that tuning into qualities that made her different is what allowed her to blossom into the young entrepreneur she is. Her philosophy is to be passionate about the things she loves and she advises followers to really value themselves by doing the same.

Lime Crime was created in 2008 after Doe Deere found it hard to find the bright and unusual colors that she had always gravitated towards. She noticed that make-up companies almost always promoted a super natural look, but she liked cosmetics that were bright and unique. Lime Crime has remained a profitable cosmetic company because many customers were also interested in using the unusual shades of eye shadow, blush, and lip sticks that she has developed.

A lot of Lime Crime’s success has been attributed to online marketing. Through social networks, information about the unique cosmetic line began to spread. Users have really been inspired by Doe Deere and her cosmetic line to express themselves. Deere has taught her following that they should not be afraid of judgements from others. Many clients feel free when they can express their individuality in an unabashed way. Deere is on a mission to prove that cosmetics not only exist to hide imperfections, but also as a form creativity and individuality. Deere has a clear vision of her customers and knows her brand well. This gives her confidence to pursue her business goals and build relationships.

Deere admits that she carried the idea for Lime Crime for many years. She believes that if she were to do anything different in her career it would be to start sooner. Deere has a great customer service team that she treats well by employing positive reinforcement techniques. She believes in lifting people’s spirits instead of tearing them down. This has led her staff to work harder at making the company remain successful.

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Helane Morrison Forging Financial History

A recent article in the Mississippi Business Journal discussed the growing importance of the position of compliance officer within three pivotal and heavily regulated industries in Mississippi and the rest of the United States. Simply stated a compliance officer advises the company he or she works for about possible infractions and violations of state and federal rules and how to avoid being in violation. Knowledge of these laws governing these highly controlled businesses is essential. Read the full article here: Compliance Officer can fix fraud. Those three industries described in the article that have an urgent need for watchdogs are insurance, investment, and legalized gambling. Now that legalized gambling has become popular, the state must tightly control its operation to make sure it is run honestly and does not become a tool of organized crime, which controls the illegal gambling in America. The insurance industry by its enormous size and the large payouts it must distribute when disaster strikes must be backed up by state and federal agencies that must also regulate its operations. The investment industry has for decades been suspected of insider trading and unscrupulous dealings and has the greatest need for compliance regulation. The Securities and Exchange Commission was founded in 1934 shortly after the collapse of Wall Street that ushered in the Great Depression. The SEC is the federal government agency controlling all firms working in the financial arena in the United States of America.
Trained as an attorney, she began work for the SEC and rapidly rose through the ranks and became in charge of the San Francisco branch of the organization. After her many years of service for the SEC, Helane was appointed as an officer of Hall Capital Partners, LLC. There, she was named as Chief Compliance Officer, and it is her duty to keep Hall Capital operating within the bounds that she is so fully aware of having served in the SEC.
Helane Morrison is proving by her commitment to honesty and to her work as a compliance officer that great changes are truly possible in this world.