Dick DeVos; An Exceptional Role Model for Your Kids

Betsy DeVos is a strong advocate for education for all kids regardless of their locality or socioeconomic status. Presently, Betsy is the 11th US Education Secretary and has since parted ways with her Foundation to serve her duty to the state. Betsy DeVos is married to the prominent Dick DeVos. In an interview with Philanthropy, Mrs. DeVos shed light on her role in championing educational reforms particularly school choices. According to Betsy, one of her leading successes includes Florida’s tax credit scholarship venture that has assisted over 50,000 students to attend their schools of choice.


Betsy also advocates for school vouchers, and she expressed in the interview that the program has grown a lot serving over 250,000 children in 33 governments and private schools located in 17 states. During the interview, Betsy also explained how she believed that digital learning was going to surpass the educational-choice movement as kids are fast in grasping new technologies being developed in the present world. Lastly, Betsy thinks that parents should embrace charter schools as well as home-schooling as other suitable educational options for their children.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is an American businessman known for serving in numerous executive positions at Amway, Windquest Group, and NBA’s Orlando Magic. According to Wikipedia, I discovered that Mr. DeVos attained his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the Northwood University. Dick started his professional career at Amway Corporation back in 1974 and worked in several posts like research and development, finance, sales, and marketing. In 1984, Dick DeVos was named the company’s Vice-president, and during his tenure, he was the first in the organization’s history to extend the firm’s operations into newer markets and tripled international sales to surpass local sales.


In 1989, Mr. DeVos left Amway Corporation to focus on a new venture, The Windquest Group that focused on manufacturing and marketing of storage and closet organizers. Later in 1993, he returned to Amway to serve as its president after the retirement of his dad Richard DeVos. Additionally, Dick served as the president and CEO of Orlando Magic for three years.


Besides his entrepreneurial side, Dick DeVos is an active Philanthropist who has taken part in numerous communal initiatives. Dick is the brains behind the Education Freedom Fund which has over the years financed over 40,000 scholarships to the less fortunate children in Michigan, The West Michigan Aviation Academy. Mr. DeVos has also co-chaired several charitable organizations including Willow Creek Association, Grand Action, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids Economic Club and Project Clarity among others.


From my understanding, Dick DeVos is an exceptional leader and a role model to many due to all his business successes and charitable giving.


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