Doe Deere Knows Which Fashion Rules You Don’t Need To Follow

Fashion is all about what works. What works for many people is fashion that helps them be who they are and helps them tell the world what is important to them. The world of fashion often has rules. Savvy fashion lovers have always thought about which rules can be thrown out the window. One such fashion expert is entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is an expert at makeup and one of the world’s most respected fashion business people. Her work in this field has focused on many areas of fashion with a primary emphasis on using makeup in new and innovative ways.

Speaking to Bustle Magazine

The outspoken Ms. Deere recently talked fashion rules with Bustle Magazine. Deere talks to the magazine about the kind of rules that people can break and look right no matter what they’re doing. She urges her fans to experiment with color, light, makeup use and fashion rules to find out what they like. She tells her fans that they can do things like wear socks with sandals or use both a heavy lip and a dramatic eye look at the same time. Her world of fashion is playful and full of life and she wants her fans to embrace this side of themselves.

Her Own Fashion Career

Her own fashion career has been all about being herself and being who she is. She began her career as a fashion guru by reaching out to others to help them find the right kind of fashion for their personalized needs.

The World of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the world’s successful online makeup retailers. Deere started this company to help her fans find wonderful makeup that is made from the best possible ingredients and has vivid colors. She knows that many of her fans love to have makeup that helps them add a splash of amazing color to any look they have in mind. They can get makeup that is right for an evening on the town or just ideal to work for another day at the office when they want to look great. She’s there for them at Lime Crime.

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  • Keith Joseph

    February 19, 2017

    She also knows that her fans look to her to help them create their own kind of looks using the products she recommends. She knows that her fans look to her for ideas about what kind of makeup they might want to pick out. It is also because rushessay do have a lot of what is needed by them.

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