Frontera Fund and its Great Revolutions

(DACA) is facing difficulties after a significant number of GOP Members teamed up together to rebel their operations. The individuals involved are calling against DACA hosting immigrant children, who lack any legal documents in the United States as they claim that the organization`s activities are posing a danger to the citizens of the country. Ken Paxton is among the significant attorneys involved in the rebellion, and he recently wrote to the president of the United States Donald Trump, urging him to take action against the organization. He terms the operations as illegal and unworthy and wants the head of state to abolish it.

The renowned attorney General of Texas claims that he will take legal action against DACA if the president does not acclaim their jurisdictions. The announcement made by the secretary of homeland security John Kelly is the most devastating among all the claims and has posted a significant threat to DACA. John claims that the organization is in danger and the vast number of legal cases facing the firm is the primary reasons why he raised his concerns. Besides, the one governor and nine attorneys that signed in agreement with the letter, also pose a significant danger to the DACA organization. The motive of the group is to help young and hopeless immigrants acquire better lives in the country through offering them an opportunity to improve their living as long as they receive driving licenses as well as in-state tuition fees.

Though significant concerns have been raised by many attorneys across various parts in the country, the DACA program is still operating with the hope of improving the economy of the country. DACA program has been running for an extended period and has seen many colleges, as well as universities, acquire income from the tuition fees that the immigrants pay. Besides, the jobs that the individuals obtain are a significant form of improving the economy of the country as they can now earn a higher income and instead pay higher taxes. Most of the programs have always targeted to improve the living standards of the individuals through helping them acquire jobs, cars and good education.

Besides, DACA has always been concerned about coming to the aid of people who flee from countries that are affected by violence, abuse, and sexual orientation. The program targets to bring equality among all its members and shine a light on them at their darkest hour.

The Frontera Fund is also a great organization founded by Michael and Lacey, with the aim of advocating for the freedom of speech, civil rights to all individual’s as well as equal treatment of everyone. The firm was established through the considerable amount of compensation that Larkin and Lacey acquired from a Texas law court for wrong acquisitions and has grown tremendously over the past years to address the various issues that people face.


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