George Soros Desires To Make A Positive Change Within The World

A man from Hungary, who traveled to America the potential of achieving a better life, Mr. George Soros, in due course became known around the world as a kind philanthropist and truly savvy industry financier. Mr. Soros ran from the Nazi invasion during his teenage years in the 1940s. He managed to make it to London, studying lessons in economics, working day and night to learn all that he could from the venerated University for Economics. He eventually earned his bachelor’s. This difficult accomplishment, Persuaded George to go further with his academic pursuits, eventually earning his Master’s, in the powerful field of Philosophy. Read more at The New York Times about George.

After George got his Master’s in 1952, he used his knowledge to benefit Singer & Friedlander, an esteemed brokerage company in London.

While he was enrolled at the school, his philosophy courses taught him that society can only come to know true advancements if they are free and hold a deep respect for their fellow citizens. This fascinating depth of philosophical understanding deeply funded Mr. Soros, with the necessary desires to make a name for himself, inside of the extremely difficult undertaking of becoming a venture capitalist at Singer & Friedlander. Learn more about his profile at

He is accepted worldwide by all who know him, as an innovative investor. He is highly respected for his net worth, which goes well beyond $25 billion. This amazing depth of true wealth, has earned Mr. Soros, a respectful placement into the top 30, richest individuals on the planet.

Within four years of earning his degree, George Soros took part in a sailing expedition to reach the US, specially wanting to reach New York, in 1956. A few short years later in 1961 he earned his American citizenship. George took on numerous positions within Wall Street enterprises, and within the span of 10 years had formed his own hedge fund company, the Soros Fund. Nearly 10 years after this, George developed the Open Society Foundation, a company that he uses to give out several billions of dollars to charity work. His company’s stated objective is to help support education, put an end to social injustices, and to assist with the public’s need for health care, to mention a few of their goals. Part of George’s goal of assisting health care, is combating against the war on drugs. George knows that the war is a lie to make the desperate imprisoned as punishment for their desire to access marijuana. George realizes that people who are sick are greatly impacted from the use of cannabis, such as seizure disorders. Soros looks upon President Trump, as a completely duplicitous President who has the goal of splitting apart the United States by building a wall.

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