Jennifer Walden Hopes Her Sons Follow Their Super Doctor Dreams

It would be wonderful if every man gave his wife or girlfriend a mommy makeover after a few years with the kids. The mommy makeover will help the woman feel alive again. It can help her to feel young. It can be a jumpstart to another good year raising children. Jennifer Walden is a writer and surgeon that is trying to help women feel better about themselves. She has an office in Texas and a new satellite office she opened. She has appeared on ABC and other talk shows. Her topic of interest is vaginal rejuvenation and Botox. Jennifer loves to help other people understand that life does not end after haveing a child. She wants to help men and women both see the benefits of a Labioplasty or even 3-D Vectra imaging.


Besides doing talk shows or magazine articles, Jennifer works hard to keep her private practice making money. She meets with people all the time. Usually, she has a consult about a cosmetic procedure. Jennifer is known as one of the “superdoctors” in the Austin area. Jennifer tries very hard to please her patients and be a good influence on her own sons.


Jennifer Walden has 2 sons. She made the decision to move back to Texas after spending 8 years in North Carolina. The fast pace of New York was not the place for her to raise her two boys. She loved the good ole boy neighborhood and slower pace town. Jennifer loved that her parents were close and she loved the idea of her sons being on the same team as she played on. In 2011 she made the decision to pack her belongings and move home.


Magazines such as American Airlines Magazine and Vibe Magazine offer articles to help people look and feel better. Jennifer and her sons hope that they can continue to live up to the good guy reputation while enjoying their new slower pace life in Austin. Her sons love sports and playing outside. Jennifer is lucky to have such a supportive community that will help her raise her kids to be prosperous and happy. She looks forward to being home and watching her own kids earn awards and scholarships to puresue their own dreasms.

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