Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Continues to Impress

Fabletics continues to beat the pack when it comes to success in the challenging sports apparel market segment. The brand which has only been around since 2013 continues to grow at an impressive rate, and surely shows no sign of slowing down. The brand has taken the subscription service model and completely upended it. Kate Hudson has struck gold with her concept of affordable athleisure clothing for the masses. The fun and stylish items are a huge hit, even with customers that can easily afford a higher price tag. Hudson’s passion and enthusiasm shine through in every aspect of the brand, from design to advertising and the newest shops that have been opening around the country.

The reverse showroom model has served the line very well and the founders continue to track customer data to determine what is working well and what practices need a little refinement. Encouraging customers to browse online or in-store is not a practice embraced by all apparel outlets, but Fabletics has certainly used it to their advantage. By staying nimble and lean, the brand can also be data driven in a way that allows for quick changes and readjustments.

Kate Hudson takes an active role with Fabletics and she is involved at almost every decision level. The firm utilizes big data to better understand what sells well across the nation’s various regions, and they have it dialed into the point that many of their predictions for future sales come true. Stores are stocked based on previous buying history for that market, both online and in-store, and fashion trends are also closely tracked to know when to change the styles that are offered. The actress/entrepreneur believes that an active lifestyle does not need to translate to an expensive wardrobe.

The Fabletics website even has a Lifestyle Quiz in order to help customers narrow down the vast selection of products to those that best fit their needs. Data points such as age, style tastes, and interest in trends, location, and physical activities are all components of the quiz. The data from these quizzes are used to track what may be of interest to the customer in the future, and they are marketed to accordingly.

The subscription model has evolved into more of a hybrid, with this business model becoming more adaptive as the brand rolls out more stores. Fabletics is definitely at the top of its game!

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