Omar Yunes Is the 2016 Winner of the Best Entrepreneur in the World

It is definitely not an easy task to receive the renowned title of the best entrepreneur in the world, and it might surprise people all around the globe that the award went to a Mexican named Omar Yunes. The prize was given in 2016, and many businesspeople around the world, in more than twenty countries participating, were chosen, but the man received the first spot.

So, what did Omar Yunes do so right?

Since he was 21, Mr. Yunes has dedicated his career to the Japanese food, a market that someone might argue isn’t that much reliable regarding growing a business from the ground. He founded and became the owner of the successful Japanese restaurant Sushi Itto. However, Omar Yunes was able to find his niche and beat every other competitor in the Japanese restaurant field, making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs to dominate a department all by himself. After a couple of years, the man already had thirteen units of his first restaurant spread across the Mexican country, which was even more incredible for the small period that it took.

According to the entrepreneur and japanese food specialist, although the award was directed to him, it should have mentioned each one of the 400 employees that have helped his brand become what it is today, and, without them, it wouldn’t have been possible. Humbleness aside, he admits that the business was an absolute success, and reveals some of his secrets to the media.
Innovate and don’t listen to those who tell you that it won’t happen – they only see the outside, the final product, not the amount of dedication and thoughtfulness that you put into your project. Never surrender your dreams, said the successful businessman.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, stated that the prize is a true manifestation of all the struggles and dedication of the entire staff of the brand, and all the team is extremely honored not only of receiving the highest rating but also, of working with a guy like Omar Yunes.
When asked if he would eventually transport his brand to other places around the world, Omar Yunes only smiled and stated that his intentions are definitely optimistic.

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