Beneful; One Brand for all Your Dog’s Needs

Shopping on Wal-mart for your dog should not be stressful. With countless brands and choices, it can be intimidating to pick the correct one for your beloved pet. Luckily Nestle Purinastore makes Beneful, it has options for even the pickiest eaters.

When shopping for my dog, my first concern is dry food. Beneful’s Originals With Real Salmon is my dogs personal favorite. This fine product has an ingredient list boasting real salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots.
Pairing the dry food with a wet food creates a meal that your dog will enjoy even more. Beneful knocks it out of the park with Beneful’s Chopped Blends with salmon, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. Beneful has no problem proudly displaying what goes in to their products, unlike some brands that simply hope you dare not read the fine print.
Beneful‘s Baked Delights Heartfuls with apple flavored filling and real bacon is my go to choice when my dog deserves a little something extra. Bite sized morsels in tasty flavors like bacon and apple are sure to brighten your dog’s day. These treats are great for positive reinforcement training as well as delicious. See,
Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Ridges line is perfect for keeping your dog’s teeth and gums protected between check ups. For pet parents that want only the best for their dogs, these products are a must.



Helane Morrison Forging Financial History

A recent article in the Mississippi Business Journal discussed the growing importance of the position of compliance officer within three pivotal and heavily regulated industries in Mississippi and the rest of the United States. Simply stated a compliance officer advises the company he or she works for about possible infractions and violations of state and federal rules and how to avoid being in violation. Knowledge of these laws governing these highly controlled businesses is essential. Read the full article here: Compliance Officer can fix fraud. Those three industries described in the article that have an urgent need for watchdogs are insurance, investment, and legalized gambling. Now that legalized gambling has become popular, the state must tightly control its operation to make sure it is run honestly and does not become a tool of organized crime, which controls the illegal gambling in America. The insurance industry by its enormous size and the large payouts it must distribute when disaster strikes must be backed up by state and federal agencies that must also regulate its operations. The investment industry has for decades been suspected of insider trading and unscrupulous dealings and has the greatest need for compliance regulation. The Securities and Exchange Commission was founded in 1934 shortly after the collapse of Wall Street that ushered in the Great Depression. The SEC is the federal government agency controlling all firms working in the financial arena in the United States of America.
Trained as an attorney, she began work for the SEC and rapidly rose through the ranks and became in charge of the San Francisco branch of the organization. After her many years of service for the SEC, Helane was appointed as an officer of Hall Capital Partners, LLC. There, she was named as Chief Compliance Officer, and it is her duty to keep Hall Capital operating within the bounds that she is so fully aware of having served in the SEC.
Helane Morrison is proving by her commitment to honesty and to her work as a compliance officer that great changes are truly possible in this world.

72-year-old Survives Being Buried Away for 13 Days After 7.8 Earthquake

After a giant earthquake in Ecuador, a 72-year-old man was buried alive under a huge pile of rubble. 13 days later, he was finally pulled out, luckily still alive.

In a corportaion wiki report, Manuel Vasquez was discovered by rescuers in a collapsed building in, Jaramijó, a fishing town.
They were sent to inspect the building when they heard sounds coming from inside. They went in and found Vasquez trapped between walls.
He went almost two weeks without food or water. After arriving at the hospital he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, dehydration, and urinary tract problems. He also lost several toes and has necrosis in both ankles, as well as being confused. He is to stay at the hospital.
The guys that rescued Vasquez were from the Fuerza de Tarea Humanitaria Simón Bolívar. Including them was a girl named Norka. Days after the quake search teams presumed the last of the survivors had been found, making this recuse, a miracle.
The earthquake in Ecuador on 16 April killed over 650 people, with tens of thousands injured and dozens missing. It was recorded as 7.8 magnitude.
There have been more than 700 aftershock since the big quake, causing panic and additional damage. Tremors are expected to go on for a few weeks.
Survivors are receiving food, water, medicine, local and foreign government aid; however, poor road way conditions delayed arrival of aid to some communities. Damage is estimated at $2 billion to $3 billion.

The Possibilities Of Image Recognition Technology

Every wondered if you could just snap an image of something and immediately have detailed item information on the object? It may sound like this technology is something you would find in a science fiction movie, but this is technology is already here and it is being used by many companies and individuals. It is called image recognition technology and it has some very exciting prospects both for businesses and individuals.

One company, called Slyce has found a way to capitalize on image recognition technology. Slyce is one of the companies that has helped develop and improve image recognition technology over the past couple of years. The firm has even developed several of its own apps. Its most popular app allows smartphone users to take a photo of an article of clothing, piece of furniture or decor and immediately see a matching product from a host of retailers that offer it for sale. If Slyce’s image recognition technology database does not recognize the item completely it will simply return a very similar item of the object snapped in the photograph.

Using one of the company’s apps, a user can immediately connect to the company and the services they offer by snapping a photograph of the marketing image, whether it is on a billboard or near a mall directory. See an advertising image you think is cool or interesting but don’t know exactly what is behind it? Slyce’s newest app helps you find out and brings the advertising image to life in your hands.

Digital coupon recognition is another technology that Slyce is currently working on. Users of the Snip Snap app can take a photograph of their coupons at home and have them digitally scanned at checkout at a store. Hundreds of retailers now accept digital coupons on smartphones. You can even download coupons from many retailers and save them to your smartphone.

Whether it involves products, coupons or advertisements Image Recognition Technology provides a lot of opportunities for companies and consumers alike.

Martin Lustgarten, The Investment Banking Genius

Martin Lustgarten was born on July 9, 1959, in Ponte Vedra, Florida and currently resides in his birth place. Ponte Vedra is one of the most expensive and elite oceanfront communities in Florida. He has the acknowledgment of being a leading light in business.


Martin is a business owner with an experience of over two decades in the financial service sector. Martin is the Chief Executive Officer for Lustgarten, Martin Investment bank, and also its head. It is the most recognized investment bank headquartered in Florida. The bank has had great success with investors closing big financial offers giving it an enormous capital from alternative sources.


His investment bank has been thriving very well having many global business projects, good client financial transactions and a workable system of trade connections in Panama, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Martin has been able to help individuals in many areas who are having challenges getting access to global commerce. It has been by allowing them to participate in American trading by giving out United States dollars in areas difficult to get dollars.


Now getting to understand what is investment banking in a better way. It is a type of a financial program aimed at serving businesses in getting capital, expanding their investment portfolios.


Investment banking involves the pursuits of marketing, advertising, underwriting and exchanging stocks and products. It also aids in the provision of economic and financial expert advice options offering solutions for managing assets, advice for mergers and making purchases. On the issue of merging, the banks offer advice concerning acquirements and also act as agents during such deals.


The best investment companies can give out right guidance and innovative financial remedies to individuals, businesses; government bodies not considering their profit establishments. The company decides on the way to raise money, preparing the essential paperwork.


The Investment banks also conduct trade and equity research where it pairs up buyers and sellers and trade stock out of their books. They carry out activities such as threat management, fiscal regulation, the commercial capital, corporate policies, and amenability. It does not come with taking cash from commercial banks, but it is by giving advice to institutions and individuals.


The various types of investment banks are private equity funds, mutual funds, indemnification companies, unit trusts and hedge funds.

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George Soros On How The EU Decisions and Policy Has Europe In The Balance With Refugees

The recent refugee crisis in Europe on has many to believe this can put all of Europe and more in grave mortal danger. A person who endorses this is the highly respected billionaire George Soros, a voice in humanitarian efforts, politics, investing, and current events. Mr. George Soros believes that Europe can collapse if the proper resources, money, attention, and vigor isn’t applied to the situation sooner rather than later according to his article published by CNBC.

EU Danger of Financial Collapse

The actual cost of this humanitarian aid is going to be significant, no matter how it’s sliced. However, delaying and throwing crumbs at the problem or trickling resources on from the faucet will only make it even more expensive and dangerous in the future. The recent economic growth and value of European currencies and banks in Europe isn’t experiencing it’s most prosperous time at the moment. The refugees from Turkey to Greece and beyond will be more of a burden on the European economy by negligence if a portion of that amount isn’t used deliberately.

Must Help Refugees With Funds Now

The matter is particularly time sensitive and should be dealt with in the moment. Many are too familiar with the seemingly grinding halt and snail/turtle speed of many issues handled by various governments reaching a census and politicians with diverse ideologies and political parties. This issue isn’t one to debate over years or toss minimum emergency dollars at every year until a grand resolution is passed, and that will likely be too little to late. A robust and well funded campaign to properly finance something as major as transitioning asylum seekers must be given priority for the European Union and any entity with an interest for success is the position of George Soros.

What is Needed

There are various specific recommendations made by the billionaire George Soros to help handle the situation.Utilizing the A credit rating of the EU and tapping into several unused government accounts with available funds of billions is suggested by George Soros.

George Soros

George Soros is a very successful investor, financial professional, philanthropist, activist, writer, and respected global guru. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and runs other Foundations. Mr. Soros is a very accomplished business man worth dozens of billions of dollars. He was born in the early 1930’s and embraces democratic ideologies with his expertise and finances.


This international refugee crisis directly impacts the middle east and European regions but have bigger ramifications on a global scale if not handled right. The disaster that could result will not only involve bad treatment, processing, and final destinations of the refugees but could fuel resentment and recruitment for terrorist organizations among refugees and others. George Soros is well respected in matters of finance and international events. He and others recommend the proper amount of money is used to neutralize the situation now rather later to minimize cost, instability, and lost of lives, in the future.

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Boar Bristle Brushes Make Your Hair Grow

Women and girls turn to all sorts of products to make their hair healthy and grow faster. The beauty industry makes billions of dollars a year selling those types of products to the consumers across the world. However, one beauty expert believes that there is a super easy way to make your hair grow for free. All it takes is a boar bristle brush. Beauty experts agree that brushing the hair several times a week with a boar bristle brush should distribute the scalp’s natural oils through the hair and promote a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Does It Really Work
Well, the idea is that regular brushing stimulates the scalp and makes the hair grow faster. Brushing the hair is a good practice. However, dermatologists agree that you shouldn’t expect any major hair growth.  They tend to damage the hair. Certainly, this is the type of sage advice handed out by beauty expert, Wengie.

Women across the globe look to Chinese-Australian beauty Wengie for advice on hair, makeup, and fashion. She is one of the most popular people on YouTube. Wengie has a very interesting background. Wengie was a marketing expert that earned a six figure income. She gave up the high profile job to follow her dream. Her dream was to start her own blog and YouTube channel sharing advice about Asian inspired beauty products with women around the world. Today, Wengie has more than one million subscribers to her YouTube channel. They follow her actively and more people are joining the Wengie channel daily.

Wengie believes that she brings a lot to the table. Certainly, this is the main reason that her YouTube channel is so popular. Wengie suggest that uniqueness is a bit over-rated. She is simply trying to bring the best information to her followers. She also believes in educating and inspiring her followers. Wengie agrees that this probably makes her a bit different from some of the other channels.  Wengie plans to create more educational and inspirational videos for her YouTube channel in the future.

NutriMost Helps With Healthy Weight Loss

NutriMost is a program that addresses an individual’s needs in designing a customized weight loss plan. Since people gain weight for different reasons and in different areas, the best plan is one that looks at that specific person’s circumstances.
NutriMost boasts a successful track record on Fox6Now. People have been known to lose 5 pounds in one week on the program. Along with weight loss, people on the program have resolved other health issues as well. Gene Sheller lost 80 pounds and also no longer has diabetes, sleep apnea or a fatty liver.

The doctors who run NutriMost franchises have their own weight loss successes to talk about. Dr. Mitch Gordon runs NutriMost Connecticut and lost 38 pounds doing the plan. Dr. Rob Vasquez is the owner of NutriMost in San Antonio and lost 60 pounds due to following the program.

Nutrimost works by using advanced technology to analyze a person’s body composition and design a specialized plan. They also have health coaches to encourage and educate people as they go through the program. Losing half a pound a day on the plan is not unusual.

The plan works by using whole foods to help people get healthy as well as lose fat. Dr. Vasquez says eating organic foods is important. He also advises people to make sure to eat plenty of vegetables because they are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals.

The NutriMost program posted on teaches people which foods their bodies respond positively to. Not everyone will handle dairy or wheat well. Other people will be able to shed pounds easily by consuming these foods.

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

White Shark Media is Handling Complaints and Improving

No business starts out perfect or, really, ever arrives at perfection.

That’s an axiom businesspeople understand, because problems are always happening. As soon as one is solved, another pops up. What’s most important is to learn from those problems. If you caused the problem, learn how to both solve the problem and prevent it in the first place. If you didn’t cause it, figure out how to solve it, and then figure out how to prevent the same situation from arising in the future.

Clutch has it that White Shark Media is a search engine marketing firm specializing in managing Google AdWords and Bing advertising for small and middle sized companies. This is an important function in the marketplace. Google AdWords has grown into one of the largest sources of paid traffic online. Many companies make a lot of money from using that platform. Bing is not nearly as large, but still has a substantial amount of traffic –

However, Google AdWords is increasingly complicated and expensive. It’s difficult for one person to keep up with the changes. And it’s hard for them to do all the keyword research, write the ads, run the campaigns, eliminate the ones with poor Click Through Rates, and continually test to optimize for profit. Ads and advertisers continually come and go. Costs for keyword bidding keeps going up. Competition comes and goes.

Most businesses cannot afford to pay one person to handle that on a full-time basis, so they pay a firm such as White Shark Media. They have had customer complaints, and have made changes to respond to those.

They have also scheduled monthly phone calls with every client via GoToMeeting. And they changed their office phone system so that every representative has a direct extension. Before, clients couldn’t get hold of their company representative.

Some clients complain their old campaigns worked better than White Shark Media’s. They now say they build on existing campaigns if the current one is performing well. They have supervisors who closely monitor the performance of the SEM Strategists who actually launch the campaigns for customers.

Some clients didn’t want the campaign to run on White Shark Media’s own AdWords account. White Shark now gives clients the option to host the campaign on their own Google account.

White Shark Media will never be perfect, but they are working hard to make changes to serve their clients better.

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Talk Fusion Helps Families Keep In Touch

People who are trying to keep in touch with family have a lot of options, but they need to try something that is going to let everyone see each other easily. That means that they need to get into something that is different than the normal phone calls and emails they use. Talk Fusion is a video chat service that people can use to keep in touch with family even if that family is on the other side of the globe.

It is also possible that people are going to have to take this software with them when they make long trips. Keeping up with the family for a couple days is really important on long trips, and the videos in Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion let everyone see each other easily. There are a lot of people who can take this with them on their computers, and they can pay for the service every month so that they will be able to check in with family just by using Talk Fusion. It sends the video chats right to someone’s inbox, and it helps people get a fast connection.

People who get near a good Internet connection will be able to talk on Talk Fusion for as long as they like, and there are people who can just stop where there is good wifi so that they can use Talk Fusion. Bob Reina created Talk Fusion with its own software so that people could just put it on their computers, and then these people will be able to talk about anything they want with anyone in their distribution list.

Someone who logs onto Talk Fusion today can talk even if they are stuck while traveling. The work gets done, and Talk Fusion is always there. The family can check in while someone is traveling, or they can cross time zones to talk to people who are far away.

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