Rocketship Charter School is Blasting Off to Different Locations Throughout America

If you never heard of Rocketship Charter School, well you’re about to be informed. This particular charter school is a ground breaking educational facility based out of Red Wood City, California. The school has been in existence for nearly 10 years. The school was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith.

Rocketship’s primary goal is to serve low-income students who traditionally do not have access to excellent schools. Another goal that Rocketship works hard to achieve is to empower parents, teachers and the community itself by providing a high-quality school that has the ability to change lives.

Rocketship not only serves the children of the Red Wood City community; they also have charter schools located all over the country. Places such as Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington D.C. are other locations where the schools are being implemented.

Speaking of Washington D.C., the nation’s capital is currently building up a new Rocketship charter school that will be serving the members of the Woodland Terrace Housing Projects. This particular community is stricken with poverty and a high incidence of violence. Rocketship charter schools have a tendency to thrive in this type of area.

The residents of Woodland Terrace are really excited about this school. Why? Because they have input into selecting the teaching staff and they will have say in how the school will be operated. This is very important because most parents typically do not have this kind of power when it comes to opening a school. Many of the parents can even walk through the school during the construction process to see how it will turn out from start to finish.

Rocketship charter school’s approach to impoverished children is nothing new. However, their way of doing things really gets people motivated and involved. This charter school really empowers disenfranchised people. Many of them get on board and take a stake in their child’s learning and education. This in turns helps students to perform better while they are in school. Rocketship is currently expanding its operations and it is truly one of the best charter school franchises in the nation.

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