Securus Installs 84,000 Communication Devices in Prisons

Part of the duty of the criminal justice system is to punish inmates for their crimes against society. The other part is for society to try to rehabilitate inmates. A company called Securus Technologies is doing just that. They are installing communication devices that do much more than help with outbound inmate phone calls. They have installed 80,000 telephones which are used by inmates. This allows the inmate a basic form of communication with the outside world. This I believe is a basic right for any inmate. The intelligent inmate communication devices that inmates are allowed to use today expand upon that basic right.

These intelligent devices include sophisticated tablets, video visitation kiosks, and phones referred to as “S-Phones.” All of these devices that are open for inmates to use today have a high degree of security that go along with their use. All that needs to occur to use this technology is download the app to your phone and connect the device to the video software. If you have any difficulty connecting the two, contact customer service reps at Securus. These devices can be used to help inmates find jobs. I believe that there needs to be more effort made in this regard and Securus Technologies is making this possible. The overall security of the prison can be enhanced through the use of these devices. This in the long run could prove to make society safer.

Educational opportunities are made available to the inmates through the use of these devices. They can keep in touch with their friends and families through the use of video visits using the video visitation kiosks. If the inmate should want to file a grievance with the prison the patented intelligent devices make it easier for the inmate to do so. Law libraries can become more accessible to help out the inmates when it comes to defending themselves in court. Ordering commissary and helping with religious activities can be helped with these devices. To help to relieve the stress that can build up behind bars these devices can also be used for entertainment purposes.

Prison should not only be about punishment. These people also need to be rehabilitated and the efforts currently being made by the company Securus Technologies Inc, is helping to make this possible. As a consequence they are helping society out as a whole. And isn’t this what we want as a society?

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  • Kenneth Duntams

    December 6, 2016

    I believe that technologies such as these will help to end the recidivism that is only too common in our society today. I believe all of these things are essential to the well being of the inmates in prison. This is definitely a good way for rushmyessay discount code to make these things happen as fast as possible.

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