Talk Fusion Continues Rapid Growth

As the world and technology continues to change and improve, there have been significant changes in the telecommunications industry. One company that is leading the way in the changes to telecommunications is Talk Fusion, a telecommunications technology and service provider.

Talk Fusion focuses on providing businesses and other clients with access to state-of-the-art technology in the video communications space. Customers use the products to perform live chats, host live meetings, send video emails and newsletters, and communicate directly one on one while employees are located far away. The company has continued to grow rapidly over the past few years as more and more businesses see the benefits of using video communication technology. The main benefit that many businesses see is a greater improvement in efficiency. As opposed to having employees travel all over the country, wasting time and money, many meetings can now be completed in satellite offices through the video chat features.

A natural-born entrepreneur and marketing expert, Bob Reina is leading technology into the future. He has helped lead the company due to his ability to see emerging trends in the tech space and by providing customers with access to innovative technology, which has helped businesses communicate better and become more efficient.

Beyond his work at Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has over 20 years of marketing and relationship management experience.

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  • Kay Shawn

    January 12, 2017

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