The Phenomenal Growth of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Waters

Since Ryan Emmons co-founded Waiakea Waters in 2012 at the age of 22, the company has continued to experience phenomenal growth. In 2015, the premium bottled water brand announced a 5000 percent growth. The increase experienced by the firm are down to the focal points of the enterprise which have continued to be health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives.

With their products now available in more than 2000 stores across the United States, the company has now shifted focus to a growing international demand. It is for this reason that they have decided to launch a new manufacturing plant in Hawaii.

Helping Underserved Communities in Africa

Ryan Emmons is a proud man because it such little time, his entrepreneurial efforts have been richly rewarded. The company used to sell a couple of thousand cases of Waiakea a year and now sells more than 120,000 cases. Ryan’s is a proud man not only because he has a successful business, but also because with continued growth, his company is also able to increase its efforts in donating clean water to underserved communities in Africa.

The Conception of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Waters

Ryan was born and brought up in California and Hawaii and developed an uncommon appreciation for the environment. He was also very conscious of the need for an active and healthy lifestyle, and it is this proximity to a plentiful water source that birthed in him the idea of Waiakea Water.

According to Specialty Food, Ryan also worked in charitable endeavors in Africa, and this led him to start the development of the concept of Waiakea Water. This idea became reinforced after he found out that his family had access to one of the most naturally healthy, pure and sustainable water sources in the world.

The Objectives of Waiakea

Forbes also pointed out that Waiakea Water purpose is to inspire consumers to drink ethically. Waiakea water collaborated with Pump Aid and with this partnership, they donate 650 liters of clean water for every liter that they sell. The company’s charitable input is in part one of the reasons why the brand has experienced phenomenal growth and success.

The company also promotes a naturally alkaline, mineral-rich and electrolyte product that is found in one of the purest sources in the planet and packaged exclusively from recycled bottles.

A Company with a Difference

Ryan strongly believes that the success of Waiakea can is credited to the fact that the company has deviated from the norm. The company was the first premium bottled water to get an award of the carbon neutral accreditation.

The company has continued to keep its central focus on sustainability and ethics and have built a brand that makes people feel good on multiple levels. For a business valued at about $10 million, there is no doubt that Ryan Emmons and Waiakea spring Hawaiian Volcanic Waters are doing the right things.

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