The Possibilities Of Image Recognition Technology

Every wondered if you could just snap an image of something and immediately have detailed item information on the object? It may sound like this technology is something you would find in a science fiction movie, but this is technology is already here and it is being used by many companies and individuals. It is called image recognition technology and it has some very exciting prospects both for businesses and individuals.

One company, called Slyce has found a way to capitalize on image recognition technology. Slyce is one of the companies that has helped develop and improve image recognition technology over the past couple of years. The firm has even developed several of its own apps. Its most popular app allows smartphone users to take a photo of an article of clothing, piece of furniture or decor and immediately see a matching product from a host of retailers that offer it for sale. If Slyce’s image recognition technology database does not recognize the item completely it will simply return a very similar item of the object snapped in the photograph.

Using one of the company’s apps, a user can immediately connect to the company and the services they offer by snapping a photograph of the marketing image, whether it is on a billboard or near a mall directory. See an advertising image you think is cool or interesting but don’t know exactly what is behind it? Slyce’s newest app helps you find out and brings the advertising image to life in your hands.

Digital coupon recognition is another technology that Slyce is currently working on. Users of the Snip Snap app can take a photograph of their coupons at home and have them digitally scanned at checkout at a store. Hundreds of retailers now accept digital coupons on smartphones. You can even download coupons from many retailers and save them to your smartphone.

Whether it involves products, coupons or advertisements Image Recognition Technology provides a lot of opportunities for companies and consumers alike.

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  • Erin Colt

    May 9, 2017

    Slyce also has some interactive image recognition technology apps that can bring billboards. advertising images and sign advertisements to life. No need to clip coupons anymore with Snip Snap from Slyce. The truth is that college essay writing will definitely be the one most peope have been dreaming to have all along too.

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