What Is NuoDB And How Does It Work

NuoDB is a DBMS, short for database management system. It is designed for cloud applications, and the system is SQL-oriented. The NuoDB has similar characteristics of regular SQL databases, but it is different because it can be used in cloud applications.

With NuoDB, the database will be scaled out when a new server is added to it, and this results in the database running faster. It’s also worth mentioning that sharding doesn’t occur with NuoDB when it starts scaling out databases. Multiple processors are used, which prevent bottlenecks of data from occurring. Furthermore, the technology is ACID compliant.

The company NuoBD Inc. products and markets the technology. The company originally released it in 2013 and Jim Starkey was the original lead architect. Prior to helping create the SQL cloud database, he was founded a few other database companies and he retired from the NuoDB Inc. back in 2012.

Now you know more about this technology and how it works.

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